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Toner Flatter Tummy at 67!

Is there an age limit to getting a toner, flatter tummy with Coolsculpting? Not really. This 67 year old female from San Diego desired to get Coolsculpting to help with her tummy region. She wanted to target unwanted fat around the mid abdomen or belly button region. This was a problematic area for her that simply didn’t  want to budge with good diet and regular exercise. At 67 years old, a slowed metabolism was undoubtedly also playing a role.

Fortunately for her, Coolsculpting doesn’t really care about your age! She underwent a  series of two fat freezing sessions that were aimed at the upper and lower abdomen fat. After two sessions of Coolsculpting, you can see a very obvious improvement in her mid section – with a tighter, toner, flatter tummy.

This is really obvious on her frontal view, but  can arguably be even better appreciated on her oblique, or 45 degree angle, view. These changes you see are also a visual testimony to the fact that Coolsculpting can, indeed, help with tightening skin in the process of freezing fat away for good. If this wasn’t the case, her tummy skin would look more looser and wrinkled. Instead, it has shrunken down nicely to accommodate her new slimmer tummy shape and contour.

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