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Toner Tighter Tummy

For those of you who think Coolsculpting is only for those people who have lots of excess fat, think again! Here is a nice example of what abdominal Coolsculpting can do for patients who are already fit.

This female in her late 20s wanted to get a toner, tighter tummy without undergoing a surgical procedure, such as liposuction. As you can see, she did not have an overabundance of tummy fat. She simply wanted to have a flatter tummy without needles, surgery or downtime.

She opted to undergo non-surgical treatment at San Diego’s leading Coolsculpting office headed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Hilinski. The easy fat freezing session  was done while she literally played on her phone for 45 minutes. The abdominal region was treated to help target the unwanted fat around the belly button.

As the weeks unfolded after Coolsculpting, she was able to visibly appreciate a tighter and more toned tummy. You can readily see this in her before and after Coolsculpting photos where the abdomen is flatter looking all around the belly button. Do you see the scars? Of course not! There aren’t any with Coolsculpting! And there wasn’t any downtime either. Just beautiful results from just one Coolsculpting treatment.

Summer will be here sooner than you think! If you are looking to get into summer body shape and need a little help, contact San Diego’s best Coolsculpting office today to schedule your consultation with one of our expert fat freezing specialists.

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