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Neck Skin Tightening and Lifting

Here is a powerful example of how Renuvion’s J Plasma can be used to tighten the neck while lifting the skin in a minimally invasive fashion.

This patient from San Diego desired some sort of cosmetic treatment to help improve her neck lines. She was bothered by the wrinkles that had slowly formed over years contributing to a more aged appearance – although she still felt young. This is a very common sentiment expressed by many patients seeking cosmetic surgery of the face and neck. When Dr. Hilinski examined her, he noted fairly loose skin – termed skin laxity – in the lower part of her face and the upper portions of her neck. A facelift with neck lift surgery was one option. But a less invasive option was J Plasma neck tightening. Given the less invasive nature of the latter, a decision was made to proceed with the Renuvion face and neck procedure.

The operation was done using just local anesthesia – meaning the patient did not have to go to sleep. A series of short incisions were made that would eventually hide very nicely in natural skin junctions. Using these ‘ports’ for access to the lower face and neck, the J Plasma wand was passed under the soft tissue and engaged. Once this is done, the deeper fibers under the skin (which attach the skin to the deeper muscles of the face and neck) contract, or tighten. The end result is tightening of the overlying skin layer – giving patients a more rejuvenated, youthful look.

The entire procedure takes about 2 hours to perform while you are awake. In some cases, patients will take a Valium to calm their nerves and relax them. But this is not necessary. Once the J Plasma procedure is completed, a bandage is placed around the lower face and neck to help compress the skin. This is typically worn for about 3 days – then it can be removed during the day. We do recommend patients wear something at night for upwards of 3-4 weeks to help keep the skin compressed during the early healing process.

J Plasma Before and After

Here are her results shown below where you can easily see how much improvement there has been in her neckline. Her neck skin is now much tighter and has the appearance as if it was lifted. Whereas she had quite a bit of skin redundancy prior to the J Plasma neck lift, these areas of concern are now markedly better. And all of this was able to be done through 3 small access incisions – thus avoiding the long incisions and scars of a traditional facelift surgery.

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