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Neck Skin Tightening

More and more you will be hearing about the amazing cosmetic improvements that patients are seeing from plasma pen treatment. This revolutionary medical spa procedure is also known as fibroblast skin tightening since the fibroblast cells within the skin are key to the success seen with this treatment.

Here is a great case example of how the plasma pen was used to smooth out and tighten the neck skin in this female patient from San Diego. This particular patient was bothered by the deep, coarse neck wrinkles that can be seen in the pre-treatment photo to the left. Having researched the fibroblast skin tightening technology, she opted to undergo the procedure with Dr. Hilinski’s medical spa staff.

Using just topical numbing cream applied to her skin for about 45 minutes prior to the appointment, plasma pen resurfacing was done across the upper to lower neck region. For several days she noted some brown and black dots overlying the reddened skin surface. But as the healing process unfolded, these discolorations just simply fell off and disappeared.

The end result was neck skin that was much smoother overall with less wrinkle formation and coarse lines. Anyone can readily see that here in her before and after plasma pen photos where her neck skin looks markedly better. And the patient was ecstatic with the results!

If you have coarse neck wrinkles and lines that you would like smoothed out, contact our office today to schedule your plasma pen appointment with our medical spa nurse, Kellie Hartmann.

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