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Results! Results! Results!

Check out these fantastic results from Coolsculpting of the abdomen in this male patient from San Diego.

His main concern was some excess fat around the abdomen region, which is a common complaint among many men. Despite exercise and a good diet, the area around the belly button can be very difficult to tone and tighten.

He consulted with Dr. Hilinski’s medical spa staff regarding the possibility of freezing the fat away. After discussing this in more detail, he opted to undergo two sessions of Coolsculpting.

The treatments were conducted about 6-8 weeks apart from one another. Coolsculpting is done in our specially designed room while patients relax comfortably during the treatment.

Results of his Coolsculpting can be seen below. As you can readily see, there has been quite an improvement in the central abdomen contour and shape. His tummy is now much toner and tighter – giving him a much flatter overall appearance. And the beauty is that the fat, which was frozen away, is gone forever!

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