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Non-Surgical Cheek Face Lifting

Check out these improvements that resulted from plasma pen skin tightening performed by the medical spa staff of Dr. John Hilinski. This patient decided to undergo plasma pen treatment to help give her a boost in her facial appearance. She elected to have the eyelid region and lower cheek/face region treated to try and tighten some of the skin.

Dr. Hilinski’s medical spa registered nurse, Kellie Hartmann, performed the procedure using just topical numbing anesthesia to keep her comfortable. The idea was to use the plasma pen to tighten the skin with a grid-like pattern across the eyelids and along the lower face and cheek. The area around the mouth was also treated to help address the unwanted skin wrinkles. The pattern of the plasma pen treatment can be seen here in the adjacent photo as indicated by the blue dots. If you look closer at the jawline, you will see a faint blue arrow that shows the vector of how the lower face skin was tightened by the plasma pen. Effectively what was being accomplished with the plasma pen is that the jowl skin was tightened upward and back. A plasma pen does this by causing the superficial skin to tighten while stimulating a collagen response deep to this layer that causes change in the skin 6-8 weeks later.

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

Fast forward 6-8 weeks later and you can see the type of change that the plasma pen can provide. If you look at her eyes, they just appear more open, which translates into a more rested look. As you scan down to her lower face and cheek, you can really tell how much improvement there is in her jawline and jowl region. That is because the plasma pen has tightened the skin around the mouth and lower cheek to result in the illusion that the lower face was pulled back and up. Not a bad result for a non-surgical procedure that was done entirely under topical anesthesia!

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