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First Plastic Surgeon Offering J Plasma

Dr. Hilinski is proud to announce that he is the first plastic surgeon in San Diego to offer the Renuvion J Plasma cosmetic technology. J Plasma, as it is often referred to online, is a revolutionary plastic surgery technology that can help patients realize cosmetic results they never dreamed possible prior to the introduction of Renuvion. The main benefit of J Plasma is to help rejuvenate aged, wrinkled skin to a more youthful, glowing appearance. In addition, it is being used to help literally tighten skin from underneath. This skin tightening includes areas ranging from the face to the neck to the abdomen.

Common conditions where J Plasma skin resurfacing can provide you with marked cosmetic improvement include the following:

Two of the most common areas where J Plasma is being used to tighten skin from underneath include the following:

J Plasma Renuvion Consult

To learn more about J Plasma Renuvion technology from one of the region’s experts, contact our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hilinski.

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