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Vaser® Liposuction

Vaser® liposuction is a specialized, revolutionary form of liposuction that involves use of ultrasound energy to maximize cosmetic results when performing body contouring. Vaser® was FDA-approved in 2002 for use in body contouring procedures – and since that time has become the leading technology for liposuction.

How Does Vaser® Work?

The first step involves placement of anesthetic fluid under the skin using tumescent technique. Tumescence allows for placement of large volumes of anesthetic solution in a safe and effective manner so that the area to be liposuctioned can be made completely numb.

The second step involves use of the patented Vaser® probe to treat the fatty tissue. This utilizes a high frequency form of ultrasonic vibration to help break up the fat. Some plastic surgeons refer to this as emulsification of the fat. This means that the larger fat deposits are broken down from solid fat to become smaller clusters of fat. By selectively targeting just the fat, Vaser® helps to avoid damaging adjacent blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.

The third step involves removal of the loosened fat. Once the fat has been emulsified by the Vaser® device, it is suctioned out of the body using specially designed cannulas that are made to work best with the Vaser® liposuction system.

The final step is allowing for the skin to shrink wrap down to the new smaller size. This is one of the more important features of Vaser® in that it allows for emulsification of the fat while preserving (not damaging) the surrounding soft tissue under the skin. The reason this is important is because this translates into quicker skin contracture leading to smoother cosmetic results and reduced recovery times.

Vaser® Treatment Areas

What areas can be treated with Vaser® liposuction? Almost anywhere on the body can be sculpted with the Vaser® system. The more popular areas where fat is commonly removed include:

  • Neck (Submental)
  • Abdomen (Tummy)
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Thighs

Skin Tightening

Because the Vaser® technology emits some degree of heat (as a result of the ultrasonic energy), it has an added advantage of tightening the skin around the area undergoing liposuction. In many cases, the amount of skin tightening can be substantial, which further contributes to the cosmetic improvement seen from removal of the excess fat.

Anesthesia for Vaser® Liposuction

Most cases of Vaser® liposuction can be performed using just tumescent anesthesia – meaning you do not need to undergo general anesthesia. In most cases, Dr. Hilinski will offer to give you an oral sedative prior to the procedure to keep you more comfortable.

Fat Transfer

Because the Vaser® technology allows for emulsification of the fat, it is particularly good for patients undergoing fat transfer – where fat is taken from one area of the body and injected elsewhere for cosmetic volume enhancement. It has been shown that use of Vaser® liposuction can result in better outcomes for some fat transfer patients.

J Plasma Renuvion

In some cases, Dr. Hilinski will combine Vaser® with J Plasma (by Renuvion) treatment. J Plasma is another revolutionary technology that further aids in tightening skin – beyond what Vaser® liposuction will do for you. Dr. Hilinski is the first plastic surgeon in San Diego to offer J Plasma technology to his patients – who are now enjoying incredible cosmetic results in terms of soft tissue and skin tightening that were previously just not possible.

In some cases, the combined use of Vaser® liposuction and J Plasma can even replace much more involved surgical procedures. For example, Vaser® and J Plasma combined is becoming a viable option to replace a tummy tuck procedure altogether – providing patients with incredible outcomes that even surpass what is commonly seen with the more extensive surgical procedures.

Use of J Plasma with Vaser® technology is also an important part of Dr. Hilinski’s J Plazty face and neck lift procedure where patients can achieve marked rejuvenation of their jawline and neck without undergoing general anesthesia.

Planning Your Laser Liposuction Procedure

Average Cost: $5,000
Average Procedure Time: 1 – 2 hours
Average Recovery Time: 7 days
Post-Op Consultation: 3 months
*Procedure pricing and results with Dr. Hilinski may vary. Your personalized treatment plan and pricing will be determined at your consultation appointment.

Vaser® Liposuction Recovery

After your Vaser® liposuction procedure, Dr. Hilinski will recommend use of specialized compression garments. These will help in encouraging the skin to conform to the new body contour and shape. Most patients will need to rest completely for the first 12-24 hours. This is followed by 2-3 weeks of additional recovery time where it is recommended you avoid strenuous activity.

Although you will see fairly immediate results with Vaser® liposuction, changes will continue to occur for weeks to months as the new you is revealed.

Vaser® Lipo Consult

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