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Rhinoplasty After Care

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Taping After Rhinoplasty

Here is a nice video demonstration of how Dr. Hilinski prefers his patients tape their nose following rhinoplasty surgery. This case example focuses on a young lady who underwent revision rhinoplasty surgery (prior nose job performed by a different plastic surgeon) and was recommended to tape her nose after the bandages came off at 5 days out. She had moderately thicker skin, which is one of the indications for patients to tape their nose after... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Incision Cleaning

Maintaining a clean incision line following open rhinoplasty surgery is one of the keys to achieving an ideal outcome. This is so important that my staff and I will emphasize proper cleaning technique verbally and in writing - repeatedly. Unfortunately, despite redundant discussions, including black and white handouts, a good number of patients will still present 5-7 days out from rhinoplasty with suboptimal care of their incision line. Previously we have added a video that... Continue Reading
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Nasal Exercises

Nasal exercises, also known as 'digital' exercises, refer to a postoperative instruction that involves massaging the nasal bones after rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty surgery. Nasal exercises would only be recommended in rhinoplasty patients where the nasal bones were 'broken' during the nose reshaping process. This is also referred to as an osteotomy when the nasal bone is repositioned or narrowed or both. This is commonly performed after a large hump deformity has been corrected and... Continue Reading
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Open Rhinoplasty Incision Cleaning

The following video is provided to our patients as a guideline for cleaning the open rhinoplasty incision. This incision is typically made across the center of the columella (the column of tissue that separates the nostrils) and is shaped like an inverted V. It is normal to see a slight bump or prominence under the incision line, which is done on purpose. If you have any additional questions or concerns with regard to cleaning your... Continue Reading
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Taping The Nose

In many cases following rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty it is recommended that patients begin taping their nose. The primary reason to tape the nose is to encourage the skin to shrink wrap down on to the underlying bone and cartilage. This is particularly helpful in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients who have medium to moderately thick skin. These patients have skin that takes longer than average to shrink down following surgery. Their skin is also... Continue Reading

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