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Taping After Rhinoplasty

Here is a nice video demonstration of how Dr. Hilinski prefers his patients tape their nose following rhinoplasty surgery. This case example focuses on a young lady who underwent revision rhinoplasty surgery (prior nose job performed by a different plastic surgeon) and was recommended to tape her nose after the bandages came off at 5 days out. She had moderately thicker skin, which is one of the indications for patients to tape their nose after rhinoplasty. In the video, the nuances and specifics of how and why to tape are covered along with a few tricks and recommendations.

Keep in mind that this video is intended for Dr. Hilinski’s patients following surgery he has performed. You should check with your own rhinoplasty surgeon before using Dr. Hilinski’s taping technique on your own nose.

Rhinoplasty Taping Video

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