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Rhinoplasty Healing San Diego Nose Job Surgery by Dr. Hilinski

A common concern among rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients in San Diego, CA is their appearance in the short-term following cosmetic nose reshaping. This blog post here attempts to shed some light on this issue using a real patient example. This particular San Diego rhinoplasty patient happens to be a familiar face – she is the front office  staff member of San Diego Face and Neck Specialties – Christine! This past month Christine underwent a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure to reshape her nose. Specifically, she had her nasal tip lifted up and the bridge of the nose reduced slightly while being narrowed. These photos represents what our typical rhinoplasty patient looks like just 2 weeks out from surgery. As you can see, there has been an obvious change in the shape and size of her nose. In addition, you can appreciate that she still has swelling of the soft tissues of the nose that contribute to the nose still looking puffy. But overall she is quite presentable to the public eye at just 2 weeks out from surgery. In fact, she is already back to work here at the office! You can also see that she has minimal signs of bruising around the nose and eyes – something that often times concerns potential rhinoplasty patients who are having their nose broken like Christine did. It also helps that Christine was very compliant with her recovery process and post-rhinoplasty instructions. Hopefully this series of photos provides some further insight into the early healing period for anyone considering cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery here in San Diego and the surrounding regions.

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