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Coronado Botox Treatment

Do you live on Coronado island and get Botox treatment? Don't want to leave the comforts of the island just to get your Botox wrinkle reduction treatment? You are not alone! That is why Dr. Hilinski and his med spa staff are starting to cater to Coronado residents and workers who want a little Botox treatment. Dr. Hilinski is double board certified facial plastic surgeon and graduate of Harvard Medical School - making him one... Continue Reading
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Nefertiti Neck Lift

What is this Nefertiti neck lift that you see mentioned as a non-surgical option to enhance your jaw and neck line? San Diego's best Botox injector, Dr. John Hilinski, tries to explain it here. The Nefertiti neck lift is essentially a Botox injection treatment that is intended to target the muscles that pull the jaw and neck down. This primarily consists of the platysma muscle - which is a broad, thin muscle that spans the... Continue Reading

Mixing Botox and Dysport

We have had many patients in the past ask whether or not you can mix Botox with Dysport for wrinkle reduction. The answer is - yes! There is no scientific and/or medical evidence that suggests there would be any problem with mixing these two neurotoxins together. Both Botox and Dysport work in a similar manner to modulate the nerve endings so that muscle contraction is reduced in the area of excess wrinkle formation. As long... Continue Reading
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Brotox for Men

Here is an example of what Botox or Dysport can do in the average male patient - often times referred to as Brotox. This male patient disliked the wrinkle formation around the eyes (the crow's feet area) and in between the eyebrows (the glabella region or frown lines). Dr. Hilinski injected Dysport into both of these areas to help smooth out the wrinkles. Notice how he still looks quite natural - and masculine - following... Continue Reading

Choosing Your Botox Doctor

Why is it so important to choose the right medspa office for your Botox and/or Dysport injection? Because not all injectors of cosmetic neurotoxin and filler are equal. Over the years, we have heard so many of our patients talking about getting Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Restylane injections done elsewhere in San Diego by various medspas - only to find out that there is much more to the art of cosmetic injectables than just sticking... Continue Reading

Botox for Men

What percentage of Botox patients are men? In our practice, it is about 20%, but rising every year! That is because Botox and Dysport treatment has become less and less taboo for men seeking to reduce unwanted fine lines and wrinkles in their face. If women can do it, why not men, right? The fallacy has been that Botox and Dysport will make a male face look 'off' somehow or another. But, the reality is... Continue Reading

Wrinkle-Free Wednesdays

Just a quick historical note on Botox. Years ago, Dr. Hilinski came up with a Botox promotional called wrinkle-free Wednesdays, which was intended to give special pricing to San Diego Botox patients who scheduled on Wednesdays. By having so many Botox patients come in on one day - our office schedule and flow was made much easier. Unfortunately, as the months went on, Dr. Hilinski realized that nearly every Wednesday, the schedule was simply too... Continue Reading

Avoiding the Spock Look

We here this all the time from new Botox and Dysport patients coming to our San Diego office. 'I don't want Spock eyebrows' they say. Well, no reputable cosmetic doctor wants to create the Spock eyebrow look. But, unfortunately, it can and does still occur when Botox and Dysport is injected by doctors and nurses who don't have a lot of knowledge and experience with forehead muscles and facial movement. The Spock eyebrow is an... Continue Reading

Exercising After Botox?

If you have been to our San Diego office and had Botox and/or Dysport injections you will likely have heard Dr. Hilinski recommend that you should refrain from exercising for at least 24-48 hours after the treatment. But why is this? Is it because of unwanted bruising after Botox or Dsyport? Nope. The main reason Dr. Hilinski recommends you avoid exertional activities for 24-48 hours is to minimize your blood pressure and heart rate from... Continue Reading

Migraine Headaches and Botox

Did you know that Botox and Dysport can significantly improve migraine headaches? There are many, many patients here in San Diego who undergo Botox and Dysport treatment - and discover that their migraine headaches are much better after regular treatment. The migraines can be improved in both severity and frequency with Botox and Dysport injections. There is a specific protocol that many neurologists will use in terms of Botox injection, which involves a well-established pattern... Continue Reading

Botox Versus Dysport Units

In 2018, Botox and Dysport continue to be the most popular and effective wrinkle fighting agents that we use in our San Diego office. Both treatments are quite effective in reducing unwanted wrinkles and lines - and can be considered fairly equivalent when it comes to delivering cosmetic results. But Botox and Dysport are fairly different in terms of how potent each 'unit' is in controlling muscle movement. One (1) unit of Botox is about... Continue Reading

Advantages of Dysport Over Botox?

Many patients ask if there are any advantages to using Dysport instead of Botox. For years and years, Botox was the only neurotoxin available here in San Diego to treat unwanted facial wrinkles and creases. Fortunately, in 2009 Dysport was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use to effectively treat facial wrinkles and lines in between the eyebrows. Ever since Dysport came out, patients have been asking why switch to Dysport if I have been... Continue Reading

5 Common Myths About Botox

There are so many myths out there regarding Botox and Dysport that it would be exhausting to post about all of them here. But let's review - and debunk - 5 of the most common myths about Botox and Dysport injections for unwanted wrinkles and creases. Your face will be frozen from Botox and Dysport. If done well, Botox and Dysport will smooth out unwanted wrinkles and lines, but should leave you with some degree of... Continue Reading

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