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Facial Slimming Treatment

Did you know that Botox can be used as a fantastic non-surgical facial slimming treatment? Well, it can be! Many cosmetic patients are bothered by an overly wide face that can be attributed to hyperactive facial muscles. In particular, this is from a masseter muscle that is overly active and bulky. This is especially prominent in some female patients.

In the adjacent photo diagram, you can see this for yourself where this female patient from San Diego desired a slimmer face. She was bothered by her jawline contour that was excessively wide – giving her the appearance of a more squared outline. Anatomically, this was due to a very strong masseter muscle that was causing too much bulky in the area. After consulting with Dr. Hilinski, she opted to go with a non-surgical solution using office-based Botox injections to slim her face. Dr. Hilinski injected the Botox thru the skin into the masseter muscle. After several days, the Botox started to work by stopping the masseter muscle from contracting as much. Just like any muscle that is not active, reducing the ability of the masseter muscle to contract led to atrophy, or shrinkage. The end result was a less bulky masseter muscle and a slimmer looking face and jawline.

If you desire facial slimming by targeting the masseter muscle with Botox injections, contact one of San Diego’s best medical spas led by Dr. John Hilinski.

Before and After Masseter Botox

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