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Price in San Diego

At our San Diego medical spa, we get phone calls on a nearly daily basis asking about the price of Botox. In so many of these instances, prospective patients seeking Botox treatment are price-shopping to see who they can go to in order to get the cheapest price for Botox. Unfortunately, what so many of these patients don’t realize is that Botox price is only one of the major considerations you should ponder before deciding on who injects your face.

Cost of Botox San Diego

So should cost matter when it comes to Botox? Absolutely. We would be crazy if we suggested otherwise to anyone considering Botox in San Diego. But there is a range of normal pricing, which is about $9 per unit up to $14 per unit. If you live in San Diego and are being charged anything outside of this price range for Botox, you should find a new office to treat your wrinkles!  To learn more about the specifics of Botox prices and truth in advertising Botox costs, use this link here. If the Botox price being quoted to you is within this range, which is the standard for the San Diego community, you should then put more weight on the other considerations noted below.

Botox Injector

One of the most important considerations when getting Botox treatment is the person doing the injection. For example, does the Botox clinic have an on-site physician supervising the treatments? Or is the clinic being run essentially by an RN who works under a doctor that practices somewhere else? Your best bet for Botox treatments is to find a medical spa, like Dr. Hilinski’s, that has an on-site physician who helps oversee any and all RNs offering cosmetic treatments.

Another factor to consider is whether or not the physician who runs the Botox clinic is someone who was trained as a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist. That is because a doctor with this type of training has spent literally years and years of training – whereas a ‘medical director’ who is an anesthesiologist or family practice doctor did not. In fact, their residency training was spent on putting patients to sleep or treating family medical conditions like diabetes, respectively. These ‘non-core’ physician medical directors of Botox clinics in San Diego jumped into the cosmetic industry because they wanted to make more money and move away from the insurance-based sector of medicine. Did they complete a residency in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery? No! They often times just complete a ‘weekend warrior’ course to learn Botox injection technique – then run off to open their Botox clinic as a so-called expert. Although Botox isn’t the most complex or challenging of all medical procedures, what you want is someone who has formal training in evaluating cosmetic concerns and recommending and performing the right procedure for your needs. At the end of the day, who would you rather have inject your face with Botox – a board certified plastic surgeon or an ex-family practice doctor?

Botox May Not Be Enough

The point above regarding your choice of injector plays directly into the fact that Botox may not be enough for many San Diego patients. Although Botox is great for reducing unwanted facial wrinkles, many people need more than Botox to get the type and degree of change they desire. This means it is even more important that you choose an injector who has bonafide experience and training in evaluating your face to achieve the best cosmetic result possible. If you ultimately opt to go with injectable fillers in combination with Botox treatment, you better hope that your medical spa practitioner is well-trained in facial reshaping with such products. If not, those dollars you may or may not have saved by going to the most discounted medical spa in town may pale in comparison to the headache and trouble you might face in correcting the issues that may arise.

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