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Restylane® Case Study

Many patients in today’s day and age are looking for office-based, non-invasive options to help rejuvenate their lower eyelid region. Restylane® injection along the lower eyelid region is a great choice to help reshape this area with minimal downtime. Keep in mind that this is considered an ‘off label’ indication for use of Restylane® – meaning, injection of Restylane® into the lower eyelid was not officially approved for this purpose by the FDA. However, over the years the technique for injecting the dermal filler in this area has become increasingly refined to the point it is now considered a widely accepted method for eyelid enhancement among board certified facial plastic surgeons.

Why Treat The Lower Eyelid With Restylane?

Most patients looking to have Restylane® treatment for the lower eyelid typically present with unwanted shadowing or hollowing in this area. The adjacent photo example shows this point more visually. On the left you can see the unwanted shadowing under the eyes of this younger female patient. This usually is seen as a curved line coming down from the corner of the eye across the cheek region. Typically there is some degree of hollowing immediately above this line that contributes to the shadowing effect that bothers so many patients. In the right photo you can see this as a red line coursing across the lower eyelid and cheek with shadowing seen above this level.

As you can see in this patient example, you do not necessarily have to be older to see this type of hollowing effect under the eyelids. In fact, there are many patients who present for Restylane® lower eyelid rejuvenation who are quite young (20s and 30s). In this patient population the normal soft tissue layer in lower eyelid-cheek junction simply begins to atrophy, or shrink. The end result of this process is the shadowing effect that draws unwanted attention and makes people look excessively tired or prematurely aged.

Restylane® Injections For The Lower Eyelid

Restylane® injections to the lower eyelid region can help by plumping up the hollowed areas. By adding volume to the lower eyelid region with an injectable filler like Restylane®, the lower eyelid is lifted out to be more even with the surrounding cheek soft tissue. In doing so, the shadowing effect can be minimized and the eyelid looks more rejuvenated and rested.

So how much Restylane® is need for lower eyelid enhancement? The answer depends on how much hollowing exists. In some patients who are younger and have only mild shadowing, one syringe total of Restylane® may be sufficient to achieve the desired eyelid enhancement. In others who are older and/or have more hollowing of the lower eyelid, one or more syringes of Restylane® may be needed on each side.

Before & After Restylane® Eyelid Lift Photos

The following photos are actual results from our San Diego facial plastic surgery office showing the benefits of Restylane® injection for lower eyelid hollowing. Notice how natural the transformation appears with a notable improvement in the hollowing and shadowing under the eyes.

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