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Hispanic Rhinoplasty

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Bulbous Wide Nasal Tip

This is another example of cosmetic nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, to correct a bulbous, wide nasal tip. This very pleasant young lady consulted with me to discuss options for her bulbous appearing nasal tip. Although she also desired to address a bump on her nasal bridge, the bulbous nasal tip was considered a priority for her. Bulbous Wide Nasal Tip Consult During her examination in the office, we discussed in detail the desired changes to... Continue Reading

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Case

This is a great example of cosmetic nose surgery in an ethnic Hispanic rhinoplasty patient. This young lady came to my office desiring reshaping of her nose. Having a practice based relatively near the border of Mexico, I happen to see a large number of ethnic rhinoplasty patients who have Hispanic roots. Consequently, Hispanic cosmetic nose surgery has become a significant part of my ethnic rhinoplasty practice over the years. In this particular Hispanic rhinoplasty... Continue Reading

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