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African-American Rhinoplasty

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African-American Nose Job

This is a great case example that illustrates many of the considerations involved in African-American rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery. Like many African-American rhinoplasty patients seeking nose job surgery, this young lady from San Diego found my office after researching rhinoplasty surgery online. She then schedule a consultation with my office to determine whether or not cosmetic nose surgery was an appropriate choice for her. African-American Rhinoplasty Presentation On presentation, her main desire was to have... Continue Reading
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African American Nose Case

This is a great example of what cosmetic nose reshaping can do in the African American rhinoplasty patient. This particular African American male presented to my office desiring to have his nose reshaped. He was unhappy with the fact he had a bump on the nose (also referred to by many patients as a 'hump' deformity) as seen from the side view and the bridge was too wide as seen from the front view. In... Continue Reading
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African American Rhinoplasty

Management of the African American nose is a particularly challenging surgery that requires true expertise and experience in ethnic rhinoplasty. African American rhinoplasty necessitates a true appreciation of the African American nose so that the final result will look natural on the face. Unfortunately, all too often I will see African American rhinoplasty results by other plastic surgeons that look surgically overdone or have the stigma of being surgically altered. The common theme with these... Continue Reading

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