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Nasal Obstruction

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Not Your Usual Septoplasty

This is case that involves repair of a deviated septum - called a septoplasty - but not your usual septoplasty. Septoplasty Terminology Some patients actually call the procedure 'a deviated septum' - as in they "underwent 'a deviated septum' last week" - but this is not a correct use of the term. Septoplasty is the more accurate term for someone undergoing surgical repair of a deviated septum. Septal reconstruction is another term used to describe... Continue Reading
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Caudal Septum Deviation

One of the more challenging types of reconstructive rhinoplasty involves repair of a caudal septum deviation. Caudal Septum So what is the caudal septum you might ask? The caudal septum refers to the portion of the nasal septum that sits right behind the columella - which is the column that separates the two nostril openings. The caudal septum can also refer to the anterior most segment of the nasal septum - meaning the segment that... Continue Reading
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Confirming Septoplasty Repair

In this video, Dr. Hilinski confirms a wide open and patent nasal airway after septoplasty surgery to help improve breathing for this young female from San Diego. By passing a surgical instrument like a forcep, Dr. Hilinski ensures there is no longer any deviation of the nasal septum.

Spirox Latera Implant

Dr. Hilinski now offers the Spirox Latera procedure to help with your chronic nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing through the nose. If you notice that pulling on the side of your nose helps your nasal function - or you benefit from using Breathe Right strips - you may be a good candidate to under the Spirox Latera minimally invasive procedure. What is Spirox Latera? The Spirox Latera is a nasal implant that is FDA approved... Continue Reading

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