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Artistry or Engineering?

We have so many of our San Diego patients who comment on how much of an artist Dr. Hilinski is when it comes to rhinoplasty and nose job surgery. But there are also those patients who ask how the nose can be re-engineered to be structurally sound and functional. So the question arises – is there more artistry or engineering involved when it comes to reshaping noses during rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery? The answer... Continue Reading
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Changes to the Upper Lip

In some cases of rhinoplasty, you will come across a situation where the bottom part of the nose – primarily the columella – will contribute to displacement and disfigurement of the upper lip. That is precisely the situation in this case example presented here. This female rhinoplasty patient from San Diego desired to have her nose reshaped in order to make her nasal tip more symmetrical – and less distracting. In addition, she had trouble... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty & Smoking

Our office just got an email inquiry from a patient who desired cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery from Dr. Hilinski. In her inquiry she noted that she was a smoker. This was a nice opportunity for us to clarify our stance and opinion regarding rhinoplasty surgery and smokers. The bottom line is – smoking is not good for you. But it is really, really bad for you when considering any type of elective cosmetic surgery, such as... Continue Reading

Spirox Latera Implant

Dr. Hilinski now offers the Spirox Latera procedure to help with your chronic nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing through the nose. If you notice that pulling on the side of your nose helps your nasal function - or you benefit from using Breathe Right strips - you may be a good candidate to under the Spirox Latera minimally invasive procedure. What is Spirox Latera? The Spirox Latera is a nasal implant that is FDA approved... Continue Reading
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Challenges Involved in Rhinoplasty

Historically, many plastic surgeons have discounted the complexities and challenges involved in rhinoplasty and, in particular, revision rhinoplasty. The reality is, rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty are among the most difficult procedures to perform while achieving stable, long-term cosmetic and functional results. For instance, many patients interested in nose surgery to remove what is perceived as 'only a bump' along the bridge are often mistakenly told the operation involves a 'simple procedure' to shave down the... Continue Reading
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Preserving One’s Overall Look

One of the more common concerns patients have regarding rhinoplasty surgery is whether or not their overall look is going to change following the procedure. This is because many patients seek out rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction to address specific features of their nose they do not like - but they would like to preserve their overall look if possible. To illustrate this point, I have provided this rhinoplasty tutorial chapter that utilizes a real patient... Continue Reading

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