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Challenges Involved in Rhinoplasty

Historically, many plastic surgeons have discounted the complexities and challenges involved in rhinoplasty and, in particular, revision rhinoplasty. The reality is, rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty are among the most difficult procedures to perform while achieving stable, long-term cosmetic and functional results. For instance, many patients interested in nose surgery to remove what is perceived as 'only a bump' along the bridge are often mistakenly told the operation involves a 'simple procedure' to shave down the... Continue Reading
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Preserving One’s Overall Look

One of the more common concerns patients have regarding rhinoplasty surgery is whether or not their overall look is going to change following the procedure. This is because many patients seek out rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction to address specific features of their nose they do not like - but they would like to preserve their overall look if possible. To illustrate this point, I have provided this rhinoplasty tutorial chapter that utilizes a real patient... Continue Reading

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