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Teenage Rhinoplasty

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Teenage Crooked Nose Repair

Here is a great case example of teenage rhinoplasty to repair a crooked nose. This young lady from San Diego suffered trauma to her nose resulting in a fracture. As a consequence of the injury, her nose shifted over to the side. This led to trouble breathing through the nose (a deviated septum inside) as well as the cosmetic issue noted here. You can see in her before photo just how crooked her nose is... Continue Reading
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Teenage Rhinoplasty San Diego

This is a great example of teenage rhinoplasty in this young, ethnic female patient who desired a nose that looked smaller and more defined overall. Her nose was rather broad as seen from the frontal view. On her oblique and side views, you can see how the bridge height was a bit excessive with poor shape. In addition, you can see how her nasal tip was a bit ptotic - also called a droopy nasal... Continue Reading

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