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Chin Implant

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Spot the Difference in the Before and After Photos?

What's different in the before and after photos? Let's see who can guess what was done to this very pleasant female patient of mine from San Diego. This case example  demonstrates the essence of what facial plastic surgery should do for people. It is intended to make a visual enhancement to the face and/or neck while keeping people guessing as to what might have been done. Let's hear what you think!
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Healing From Cervical Liposuction and Lipocontouring Double Chin Surgery

The following photo series provides you with a glimpse of what actual results are like following liposuction of the face and neck region for a double chin deformity. This particular patient had a combination of liposuction and chin implant to improve the appearance of her lower face and upper neck while providing improved definition. The photo series shown below depicts her preoperative chin and neck along with her healing at approximately one month out and three months... Continue Reading
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Rise in Chin Augmentation with Chin Implant Surgery

There was a recent report that discussed the noted rise in number of facial plastic surgery patients seeking chin augmentation with chin implant surgery. This is a great example of one of my patients who was seen back in the office following chin implant surgery. She simply desired to have more definition along her lower face and upper neck region. Her chin was notably recessed and poorly defined mostly as seen from the 45 degree... Continue Reading
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Chin Implant to Enhance Facial Harmony and Balance

This young female patient from San Diego is a great example of how a chin implant can significantly enhance facial harmony and balance without looking surgically 'altered' or 'done' as some people fear. This particular patient had what we would describe as facial plastic surgeons was poor chin projection. Meaning, her chin simply too small for her lower face and did not project outward sufficiently to be in balance with the mid to upper face.... Continue Reading
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Neck Lifting Using Liposuction, Platysmaplasty and Chin Implant

This is a great case example of how to perform a neck lift on a patient using a combined surgical approach. This particular male patient from San Diego, CA desired a more defined neck line. On examination he was found to have evidence of excess fat under the chin as well as a poorly shaped muscle, called the platysma muscle. Furthermore, he had less chin prominence than average. We discussed the various options available to... Continue Reading
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Chin Augmentation/Implant Consultation

I wanted to quickly discuss the topic of chin enhancement or chin reshaping using a chin implant for augmentation. Many potential chin implant patients inquire about sizing of the actual chin implant. They often ask, "How do you know what size implant I need to enhance my chin and jawline?" The answer is - I measure it! My 'Old' Approach To Chin Implant Placement When I went through my facial plastic surgery training, I was... Continue Reading
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Plastic Surgery Skype Consult

Virtual plastic surgery consultations are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomings smaller and smaller thanks to the world wide web. For those plastic surgery patients outside of San Diego, we have been offering Skype consultations online. This includes several plastic surgery patients that live in outside countries. Many of these cosmetic surgery candidates discovered our San Diego plastic surgery practice while doing online research for their desired facial enhancement procedure. This includes patients seeking... Continue Reading
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Bone Resorption After A Chin Implant

I see this topic as a point of discussion on many plastic and cosmetic surgery forums. The reality is that almost everyone who gets a chin implant has some degree of bone resorption following the surgery. But this fact should not be something that is a great source of anxiety over having a chin implant procedure. The bone resorption that most cosmetic chin augmentation patients get following the implant placement is fairly minor. In fact,... Continue Reading
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Should I Have A Chin Implant or Chin Liposuction?

I have seen this question or a variation of this online. The answer is it really depends on what your anatomy is like. To help clarify this question about chin implant versus neck liposuction/neck reshaping, I posted a blog entry with case description a little while ago. Here is the link for your review: Case example of chin implant and neck liposuction with platysmaplasty.
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Combining Chin Implant with Platysma Muscle Tightening

We have had several patients consulting with us over the past few months for chin augmentation with placement of an implant. Many of these patients were seeking an increase in projection to achieve more definition along the jawline and upper neck. In several of these patients, it was noted that tightening of the platysma muscle would also prove beneficial in their surgical outcome so I decided to post a quick blog regarding this combination procedure.... Continue Reading
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How Common Is Rhinoplasty Done With A Chin Implant?

The answer to this question is – quite commonly. I would say that nearly 20% of our patients seeking primary rhinoplasty (1st time rhinoplasty) also consider chin augmentation with an implant. One of the main goals of rhinoplasty is to achieve improved harmony with the rest of the face. In cases where the nose is disproportionately large compared to the rest of the face, the aim would be to make it smaller. Most of these... Continue Reading
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Chin Implant Placement and Stabilization

A common question asked during consultation for chin augmentation with a chin implant relates to chances of the implant moving after placement. As I tell all my chin implant patients, there is always a chance the implant can shift or move slightly after placement. It is, however, very unlikely the implant will move to a significant or visible degree once placed properly. I normally place my implants from under the chin since we are often... Continue Reading

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