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Healing From Cervical Liposuction and Lipocontouring Double Chin Surgery

The following photo series provides you with a glimpse of what actual results are like following liposuction of the face and neck region for a double chin deformity. This particular patient had a combination of liposuction and chin implant to improve the appearance of her lower face and upper neck while providing improved definition. The photo series shown below depicts her preoperative chin and neck along with her healing at approximately one month out and three months out from surgery. As you will note, her appearance at one month out from surgery shows an improvement, but she still has a mild to moderate amount of swelling under the chin. As the healing process continues, the swelling begins to settle down more and more. As this progresses, the skin under the chin will begin to ‘shrink wrap’ further, which creates even more definition along the jawline and upper neck. Overall, it takes about 3-4 months before most of the swelling has settled down and the skin has healed sufficiently to see the final results. As you can see in her three month photo result, her double chin has now been corrected and she looks markedly better in terms of her lower face and upper neck region. If you are interested in having neck lift surgery using liposuction technique to correct a double chin deformity, contact our San Diego office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. John Hilinski.

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