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Latera Nasal Valve Procedure

Do you have chronic nasal obstruction that is not relieved with use of topical nasal steroid sprays? Does your nose collapse inward when you breathe in deeply? If so, you may be a candidate to undergo treatment with the Latera device. Latera is a minimally invasive procedure that is done under local anesthesia to help patients breathe better. It was specifically designed to target what is called lateral wall collapse - which refers to a... Continue Reading

Latest Rhinoplasty Case Example

Visit to see the latest case example published online by San Diego's foremost expert in rhinoplasty surgery - Dr. John Hilinski. Our sister site was created with the intention of providing any patient considering cosmetic nose surgery an online resource to learn more in-depth about this amazingly complex surgical procedure. This latest case example focuses on how Dr. Hilinski is able to preserve the front view of the nose while taking down a large... Continue Reading

Tip Rhinoplasty Case Example

See the latest from Dr. Hilinski's website - a case example of tip rhinoplasty to repair a deviated nasal tip deformity in a young lady from San Diego. Fixing a displaced, or crooked, nasal tip is perhaps one of the most challenging types of cosmetic rhinoplasty. But this is the type of surgery that Dr. Hilinski - San Diego's best rhinoplasty expert - performs on a consistent basis to achieve absolutely beautiful results for... Continue Reading

Over 200 Rhinoplasty Examples

Our ever-growing rhinoplasty photo gallery now has over 200 individual patient examples in just the primary rhinoplasty category alone! And that doesn't even touch on the growing revision rhinoplasty gallery. Within each patient example there are typically multiple views shown of each nose. What this tells you is that Dr. Hilinski is a true leader in the field and one San Diego's best and most qualified rhinoplasty experts. When you look at any plastic surgeon's... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Still Reigns

According to NewBeauty, the most popular facial plastic surgery requested in 2017 was rhinoplasty. This is not surprising, given how many patients seek out Dr. Hilinski here in San Diego for nose job surgery. What was a bit surprising was that nearly 97% of plastic surgeons reported that they perform rhinoplasty surgery on a consistent basis. Most FACIAL plastic surgeons perform cosmetic nose reshaping regularly. But most plastic surgeons who perform breast augmentation and body... Continue Reading
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Septoplasty Repair in San Diego, CA

One method to confirm whether or not a nose reconstruction surgeon has adequately repaired a deviated septum - or crooked nasal septum - is to pass an instrument once the nasal airway has been fixed. This is a great visual example of this being performed by San Diego's leading expert in septoplasty and rhinoplasty - Dr. John Hilinski. This patient underwent a number of changes to the shape of her nose. But she also needed... Continue Reading

Male Rhinoplasty vs Female Rhinoplasty

Though the basics of rhinoplasty surgery are the same for men and women, the success of the procedure is dependent upon the artistic eye of your board-certified plastic surgeon. Men and women typically have different cosmetic goals when it comes to the shape and size of the nose. While women typically desire a smaller nose with more defined features and a slightly upturned tip, men often want a longer nose with a higher bridge and... Continue Reading

Fixing a Droopy Nasal Tip

Read about correction of a droopy, or plunging, nasal tip in this latest addition to our expanding online rhinoplasty tutorial - one of the most detailed and informative resources online for prospective cosmetic nose surgery patients. This case example reviews the nuances of evaluating a droopy, or ptotic, nasal tip deformity and includes a series of before and after photos describing the changes that have taken place.

Nasal Valve Stenosis Correction

This is a great example of how rhinoplasty technique is used to help correct a collapsed nasal tip - or narrowed external nasal valve area. This very pleasant gentleman from San Diego was having problems breathing through his nose - especially on his left side. As you can see in his before rhinoplasty surgery photos, the nostril wall would collapse inward upon inspiration. I ended up performing a complex open rhinoplasty procedure that included placement... Continue Reading

Narrowing a Wide Nasal Tip

This is an example of cosmetic rhinoplasty to reshape a wide and droopy nasal tip. She is a very pleasant teenager who desired to have the tip of her nose reshaped. Using an open rhinoplasty technique, I was able to provide her with a nicely, narrowed tip that was rotated just enough to reduce the droopy appearance. She had moderately thick nasal skin, which proved to be somewhat of a challenge. But, as you can... Continue Reading

Long Term Rhinoplasty Results

This San Diego rhinoplasty patient recently returned for a quick inquiry about her nose. She is nearly 4 years out from cosmetic rhinoplasty that I performed on her. Normally, plastic surgeons and rhinoplasty experts, like myself, will see patients for upwards of a year or two after surgery. Rarely do we get to see our rhinoplasty patients 4 years out! As you can see from her photo comparisons provided here, she has a beautiful, sustained... Continue Reading

Pinched Nose Repair

Learn more about repairing a pinched nasal tip! See the latest addition to our ever-expanding online rhinoplasty tutorial. This most recent case focuses on a patient who had his tip collapsed following prior rhinoplasty by a different plastic surgeon. This very pleasant gentleman researched revision rhinoplasty online and discovered that our office was one of the most experienced in the nation. He lives outside of the San Diego area, but felt it was worthwhile to... Continue Reading

The Truth Behind Rhinoplasty Photos

A photo gallery can be a great resource when determining the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you. Under the best circumstances, these photographs can give you an idea of the skill, experience, and artistic eye of the plastic surgeon. However, Dr. John Hilinski offers a couple tips to keep in mind when viewing these galleries to make sure you are looking at a true representation of the surgeon’s work. Dr. Hilinski highlights that many of these... Continue Reading

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