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Nasal Valve Stenosis Correction

Rhino355FrontalBeforeOFFICEThis is a great example of how rhinoplasty technique is used to help correct a collapsed nasal tip – or narrowed external nasal valve area. This very pleasant gentleman from San Diego was having problems breathing through his nose – especially on his left side. As you can see in his before rhinoplasty surgery photos, the nostril wall would collapse inward upon inspiration. I ended up performing a complex open rhinoplasty procedure that included placement of cartilage grafts on both sides of his nasal tip. This was done to essentially reinforce the nostril wall to minimize collapse with breathing inward. As you can see in the post surgery photos, he now has a very stable nose that resists collapse. He not only looks better, but he can now breathe quite freely – and he is ecstatic about his rhinoplasty results! Tell me what you think of his results.


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