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Septoplasty Repair in San Diego, CA

One method to confirm whether or not a nose reconstruction surgeon has adequately repaired a deviated septum - or crooked nasal septum - is to pass an instrument once the nasal airway has been fixed. This is a great visual example of this being performed by San Diego's leading expert in septoplasty and rhinoplasty - Dr. John Hilinski. This patient underwent a number of changes to the shape of her nose. But she also needed... Continue Reading

Nasal Valve Stenosis Correction

This is a great example of how rhinoplasty technique is used to help correct a collapsed nasal tip - or narrowed external nasal valve area. This very pleasant gentleman from San Diego was having problems breathing through his nose - especially on his left side. As you can see in his before rhinoplasty surgery photos, the nostril wall would collapse inward upon inspiration. I ended up performing a complex open rhinoplasty procedure that included placement... Continue Reading

Persian Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

This is the latest addition to our popular online rhinoplasty tutorial - a chapter focusing on Persian rhinoplasty surgery. Learn more about reshaping the Persian nose through this case example of a young female Persian patient from San Diego who desired functional and aesthetic reconstruction of her nose. Let us know what you think of her results!
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Rhinoplasty Imaging & Realistic Nose Reshaping Results

I wanted to post a plastic surgery blog entry focusing on rhinoplasty imaging as it relates to achieving realistic results in nose reshaping. This particular San Diego rhinoplasty patient had suffered trauma to the nose when he was actually stepped on after falling to the ground. As you can see on his frontal rhinoplasty view, he had severe trauma to the bridge of his nose with collapse. You can see his frontal view looks 'washed... Continue Reading
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Cosmetic Reshaping of the Crooked Ethnic Nose

Wanted to post a quick blog entry on cosmetic reshaping of the crooked ethnic nose. Correcting a crooked nose deformity is arguably one of the most difficult and challenging types of cosmetic rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, procedures. This young rhinoplasty patient from San Diego presented to my office with a notable crooked nose. As you can see, her nose alignment is shifted to her right side. Like her, most rhinoplasty patients are bothered by the... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty For Moderately Complex Asymmetry Of The Nose

This particular patient was a great example of how we utilize spreader grafting technique as part of a nasal reshaping process. This pleasant male patient presented with difficulty breathing through his nose as well as cosmetic concerns regarding the appearance of his nose. On nasal examination he was found to have a fairly complex nose in terms of anatomical problems. As you can see in the photo diagrams below, his nasal bridge was fairly displaced... Continue Reading
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Septoplasty (Septal Reconstruction) Tutorial

We are proud to announce that we have added a new page to our San Diego Rhinoplasty Tutorial focusing on septal reconstruction, or septoplasty. Here is the link to the new septoplasty tutorial page. We hope this provides some assistance to those patients out there who are considering septoplasty surgery for difficulty breathing through the nose.
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Example of Reconstructive Septorhinoplasty

One of the main differences between my practice and other plastic surgeons' practices is that I have additional advanced specialty training in reconstructive work related to the nose. This more commonly involves patients that need a plastic and reconstructive surgeon for functional, or medically indicated, work that needs to be done. This is commonly referred to as a reconstructive septorhinoplasty. This reconstructive septorhinoplasty patient from San Diego was recently seen in our office and was... Continue Reading
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Case Example of Hanging Columella Revision Rhinoplasty

I recently saw one of my postoperative revision rhinoplasty patients in follow-up and it reminded me of several discussions that have taken place online regarding a hanging columella. This particular patient had prior rhinoplasty surgery by another plastic surgeon. One of her remaining concerns following surgery was the position and shape of her columella. The columella refers to the column of soft tissue and cartilage that divides the two nostrils. In her particular case, it... Continue Reading
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Straightening a Crooked Septum With Suture Technique

Many patients inquire about septoplasty for nasal obstruction, or difficulty breathing through the nose, and ask whether I perform suture technique to straighten the septum. The answer to this is ‘no’ in terms of my primary surgical technique for septoplasty. The reason for this is that the cartilage of the septum has what we call ‘memory’, which means that it has a tendency to go back to its original shape if given the opportunity. Conservative... Continue Reading
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Do You Pack The Nose After Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty?

One of the most common fears following rhinoplasty and/or septoplasty is the possibility that the surgeon is going to pack the nose. This means the surgeon places gauze or similar material inside the nasal passages to put internal pressure on the tissues. This is done to minimize chances of bleeding as well as to promote stable healing of the internal lining (called the mucosa). Unfortunately, nasal packing after rhinoplasty/septoplasty is extremely uncomfortable. Not only is... Continue Reading

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