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Revision Rhinoplasty

Over 200 Rhinoplasty Examples

Our ever-growing rhinoplasty photo gallery now has over 200 individual patient examples in just the primary rhinoplasty category alone! And that doesn't even touch on the growing revision rhinoplasty gallery. Within each patient example there are typically multiple views shown of each nose. What this tells you is that Dr. Hilinski is a true leader in the field and one San Diego's best and most qualified rhinoplasty experts. When you look at any plastic surgeon's... Continue Reading

Pinched Nose Repair

Learn more about repairing a pinched nasal tip! See the latest addition to our ever-expanding online rhinoplasty tutorial. This most recent case focuses on a patient who had his tip collapsed following prior rhinoplasty by a different plastic surgeon. This very pleasant gentleman researched revision rhinoplasty online and discovered that our office was one of the most experienced in the nation. He lives outside of the San Diego area, but felt it was worthwhile to... Continue Reading

Tip Rebuilding and Deprojection

See how this patient had his nose rebuilt following prior unsuccessful nose surgery performed by a different plastic surgeon. In the process of making his nose function better, I was able to bring the tip in closer to his face. This latter maneuver is called deprojection of the nasal tip. This featured patient is the latest addition in our ever-expanding online rhinoplasty patient tutorial. Let us know what you think of his results!

Abnormal Smile After Rhinoplasty?

One concern I hear quite often from my rhinoplasty patients relates to smiling during the early recovery process. It is quite normal for many rhinoplasty patients to experience a 'stiff upper lip' in the early weeks to months of recovery. This is especially true if I have done a lot of work near the columella region of the nose. The swelling that can develop in this area often times leads to the feeling of having... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Tip Reshaping

Learn more about what can be done for a collapsed tip through this latest revision rhinoplasty case example of Dr. John Hilinski. This case highlights what might happen with excess removal of tip cartilage and the surgical methods that may be indicated to help restore proper nasal tip shape and contour. This is the most recent addition to our ever-growing online rhinoplasty resource for patients considering cosmetic and functional nose surgery. Let us know what... Continue Reading

Rhinoplasty Patient Examples

As one of the regions top experts in cosmetic nose reshaping and functional nasal reconstruction, it stands to reason that Dr. Hilinski's before and after gallery of patient examples is quite expanse. In fact, Dr. Hilinski has literally hundreds of before and after rhinoplasty examples. This includes an incredibly wide range of primary rhinoplasty photos as well has revision rhinoplasty photos. Take a look at his gallery of some of the best rhinoplasty examples out there.

Narrowing a Wide Nasal Bridge

Learn more about narrowing a wide nasal bridge in this latest addition to our online rhinoplasty tutorial. This female patient desired to have (among other things) a more narrowed bridge. This was accomplished with osteotomies - whereby the nasal bones are intentionally broken and reshaped. Take a look at her before and after rhinoplasty results and let me know what you think!

Insurance-Based Nose Job

I get inquiries quite frequently from patients asking about insurance-based nose job surgery. This link here will explain in more detail the type of nose surgery that is commonly covered by PPO health insurance carriers like Cigna, Health Net, United Healthcare, Aetna and other PPO plans. This is just one example of many types of reconstructive nose surgery that is considered functional in nature. Although the main emphasis is to make the nose work better,... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Incision Cleaning

We now have an instructional rhinoplasty video up on the website that goes into visual detail on how to properly clean your rhinoplasty incision. This should be helpful for anyone out there having an open rhinoplasty approach. You will find the video link on our ever-growing Rhinoplasty Tutorial page. I hope you find it useful. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank our patient for offering her modeling services!
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Revision Rhinoplasty: San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon Reveals Common Patient Concerns

The thought of undergoing a secondary rhinoplasty procedure may be unsettling, but Dr. John Hilinski says patients needing revision nose surgery in San Diego are not alone. San Diego, CA -- Dr. John Hilinski, a facial plastic surgeon in San Diego, says revision rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures requested at his practice. He performs revision rhinoplasty on a weekly basis. Because rhinoplasty is one of the most intricately complex treatments in aesthetic... Continue Reading

Revision Reconstructive Nose Surgery for Pinched Nasal Tip and Collapsed Nostrils

Learn more about management of a pinched and collapsed nasal tip. This patient from San Diego had prior surgery by a different surgeon years ago. Unfortunately, her nasal tip began to collapse leaving her with a pinched appearance. In addition, she had issues with the contour and shape of her nasal bridge following prior unsuccessful nose surgery. I ended up performing a revision reconstructive nose surgery to help repair her breathing. In the process, we... Continue Reading
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Read About This Amazing Case of Revision Rhinoplasty

Read more about this amazing revision rhinoplasty case that involves a female patient who had previous nose job surgery by a different plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, her results were not as successful as she desired. She suffered for many years with a nose that simply did not fit her face - until she discovered Dr. Hilinski was a regional expert in revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct previously unsuccessful nose job results. Her case is discussed in... Continue Reading

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