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Tip Rhinoplasty Case Example

See the latest from Dr. Hilinski's website - a case example of tip rhinoplasty to repair a deviated nasal tip deformity in a young lady from San Diego. Fixing a displaced, or crooked, nasal tip is perhaps one of the most challenging types of cosmetic rhinoplasty. But this is the type of surgery that Dr. Hilinski - San Diego's best rhinoplasty expert - performs on a consistent basis to achieve absolutely beautiful results for... Continue Reading

Long Term Rhinoplasty Results

This San Diego rhinoplasty patient recently returned for a quick inquiry about her nose. She is nearly 4 years out from cosmetic rhinoplasty that I performed on her. Normally, plastic surgeons and rhinoplasty experts, like myself, will see patients for upwards of a year or two after surgery. Rarely do we get to see our rhinoplasty patients 4 years out! As you can see from her photo comparisons provided here, she has a beautiful, sustained... Continue Reading

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