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Male Rhinoplasty

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Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Tip Asymmetry

There are a lot of patients who undergo rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty surgery for functional reasons. Here is a great example of this operation, which can result in some nice passive changes to the appearance of the nose. This patient was having trouble breathing through his nose - largely due to the fact that his tip cartilages were markedly abnormal. When you looked closely, his tip was quite asymmetrical - meaning, it was very different side... Continue Reading
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Male Rhinoplasty San Diego

This is a great example of male, ethnic rhinoplasty performed by San Diego's leading nose job surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski. This patient consulted with Dr. Hilinski with the hopes of making his nose more defined overall. He particularly disliked the fact his nasal tip was quite bulbous and ill-defined. He also did not like the curvature along the nasal bridge and the fact his nasal tip drooped down a bit. Yet - like so many... Continue Reading
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Caudal Septum Deviation

One of the more challenging types of reconstructive rhinoplasty involves repair of a caudal septum deviation. Caudal Septum So what is the caudal septum you might ask? The caudal septum refers to the portion of the nasal septum that sits right behind the columella - which is the column that separates the two nostril openings. The caudal septum can also refer to the anterior most segment of the nasal septum - meaning the segment that... Continue Reading
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Chin Implant with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty and chin implant are often times recommended to be done together in order to help give someone even better overall facial harmony and balance. This is a great case example of this concept where a nose job was done at the same time as chin augmentation with an implant. When looking at his preoperative frontal photo you can see how the tip of his nose was quite wide in comparison to the rest of... Continue Reading
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Functional Septorhinoplasty Surgery

Functional septorhinoplasty, or functional rhinoplasty, is a term often used to reference several different types of reconstructive nose surgery intended to improve the function of the nose. In essence, it is surgery being performed to help a patient breathe better through their nose. There is a wide variety of techniques that may need to be employed when trying to make the nose function better. This example is presented here because it highlights a number of the most commonly used... Continue Reading
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Indian Rhinoplasty

Indian rhinoplasty is specific type of ethnic rhinoplasty that demands expert knowledge and technique. Surgical alteration of the Indian nose requires a rhinoplasty surgeon to make improvements in the shape of the nose while maintaining ethnic consistency with the surrounding facial features. As in other types of ethnic rhinoplasty, it is so important to create a final result in Indian rhinoplasty that appears natural. Thick Skin in the Indian Nose One of the most common... Continue Reading
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Crooked Nose Surgery

This is a patient who was referred to my office for treatment of a crooked nose deformity. The term 'crooked nose deformity' refers to a nose that is poorly aligned when looking at it from the frontal view. Other terms commonly used to describe this type of nose include: a misaligned nose, a malaligned nose, a shifted nose, a displaced nose, a deviated nose, a twisted nose and a broken nose. In a great number... Continue Reading

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