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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

African-American Nose Job

Learn more about African-American cosmetic nose job surgery through this latest case example of ethnic rhinoplasty. African-American rhinoplasty is a very specific and challenging subset within the world of cosmetic nose surgery that demands advanced surgical training and expertise. I happen to think this particular patient has an absolutely beautiful outcome - with a nose that is much more defined and fitting for her face. Let me know what you happen to think of her results!

Persian Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

This is the latest addition to our popular online rhinoplasty tutorial - a chapter focusing on Persian rhinoplasty surgery. Learn more about reshaping the Persian nose through this case example of a young female Persian patient from San Diego who desired functional and aesthetic reconstruction of her nose. Let us know what you think of her results!

Hispanic Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Learn more about cosmetic Hispanic ethnic rhinoplasty surgery in the latest addition to our online rhinoplasty tutorial. This young lady desired more refinement of her nose, yet wished to remain looking like herself. I performed cosmetic nose surgery that included addressing a number of the Hispanic features of her nose that were too exaggerated for her desires. Her Hispanic rhinoplasty surgery is discussed in more detail here using this link. Let us know what you... Continue Reading

Hispanic Male Septorhinoplasty

This is a great example of reconstructive septorhinoplasty (nose job surgery) in an ethnic male patient with a Hispanic background. This case shows just how important it is to be mindful of ethnicity when performing nose reshaping surgery. See more of this case example of ethnic male rhinoplasty (Hispanic rhinoplasty surgery) by clicking here.
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African American Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

I recently added another case example to our growing online rhinoplasty tutorial. This latest addition is focused on African American ethnic rhinoplasty surgery using a male patient as an example. This chapter highlights the considerations necessary when thinking of cosmetic reshaping of the African American nose. I hope this helps any African American rhinoplasty candidates out there considering cosmetic ethnic nose reshaping surgery.
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Dr. Hilinski to Give Lecture on the Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

On Wednesday, August 14th, our very own Dr. John Hilinski will be speaking at the UCSD Medical Center in La Jolla, California. He was invited by the faculty to speak as part of the UCSD Division of Plastic Surgery lecture series, and is excited to present his lecture entitled "Updates in My Ethnic Rhinoplasty Practice." Dr. Hilinski believes it is important to participate in lectures and continuing education, as it helps him improve and share... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Incision Cleaning

We now have an instructional rhinoplasty video up on the website that goes into visual detail on how to properly clean your rhinoplasty incision. This should be helpful for anyone out there having an open rhinoplasty approach. You will find the video link on our ever-growing Rhinoplasty Tutorial page. I hope you find it useful. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank our patient for offering her modeling services!
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San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon Lectures on Ethnic Rhinoplasty at CSPS Meeting

San Diego, CA -- At the recent Annual Meeting of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS), board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Hilinski delivered a presentation that discussed various techniques and approaches to ethnic rhinoplasty. The event, held at the Hotel del Coronado, featured a host of lectures and courses on the latest innovations in nose surgery, as well as other plastic and reconstructive procedure topics. Dr. Hilinski says he is very thankful to... Continue Reading
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Asian Rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA

Dr. Hilinski, San Diego rhinoplasty specialist, is pleased to announce the release of his new online rhinoplasty tutorial chapter - Asian Rhinoplasty. This latest rhinoplasty discussion focuses on Asian rhinoplasty surgery - a niche cosmetic procedure in the Asian population. Dr. Hilinski discusses the nuances of evaluating the Asian rhinoplasty patient and how cosmetic nose reshaping in Asian patients is much different than performing Caucasian rhinoplasty. To learn more about this particular rhinoplasty topic, please... Continue Reading
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Subtle Deprojection of the Nasal Tip in Rhinoplasty

As a San Diego rhinoplasty specialist, I see quite a few cosmetic nose reshaping patients who mistakenly ask to have their nose shortened. What they really are asking is to have the nose 'deprojected' or brought closer to the face. Projection of the nose refers to how far the nose sticks out from the face. To gain a better visual understanding of this, please refer to our San Diego Rhinoplasty Tutorial section on nasal analysis.... Continue Reading
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Nasal Exercises in Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. John Hilinski, rhinoplasty specialist in in San Diego, CA, has added another chapter to one of the most informative rhinoplasty resources online - the San Diego Rhinoplasty Tutorial. Dr. Hilinski is widely respected as one of the regions best rhinoplasty surgeons. This includes expertise in cosmetic rhinoplasty and revision nose reshaping as well as functional nose procedures to improve breathing. The latest rhinoplasty tutorial chapter discusses the nuances of nasal exercises following rhinoplasty and... Continue Reading
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Smiling After Rhinoplasty/Nose Reshaping

We at the Hilinski Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery are quite proud of the fact that our San Diego nosejob patients love their rhinoplasty results. However, there is always the issue of whether or not patients should be smiling after a rhinoplasty procedure. I like to tell my rhinoplasty patients that they should refrain from smiling after their nosejob for at least 6-8 weeks. Instead, I suggest they try what I like to call a... Continue Reading

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