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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Myths About Pain Following Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty

I just saw of one my many San Diego nose job (rhinoplasty) patients in the office today to take off her cast following nose reshaping 5 days ago. She was doing quite well with minimal bruising and very little swelling despite a full reshaping of the nose. She was pleasantly surprised how little of a recovery was involved with her rhinoplasty procedure. In addition, she was quite happy that her pain levels following the nose... Continue Reading
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New Rhinoplasty Tutorial Chapter On Steroid Injections In Nose Surgery

San Diego rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. John Hilinski, has just completed another chapter for his online rhinoplasty tutorial that helps current and prospective nasal reshaping patients better understand the entire process of nose surgery. This latest rhinoplasty chapter focuses on the use of nasal steroid injections in management of the nose surgery patient. To learn more about this rhinoplasty topic, click here to learn about our nasal reshaping tutorial on steroid injections for rhinoplasty patients.
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Accepting Nostril Asymmetry Following Rhinoplasty

One rhinoplasty topic that I see commonly discussed online is the issue of persistent nostril asymmetry following rhinoplasty. I think this is a topic that deserves some mention and clarification. Many rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients note some degree of nostril asymmetry following their nasal reshaping procedure. This is certainly more the rule than the exception. The real question is whether or not the persistent nostril asymmetry noted is easily visible on frontal view of... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Refinement of the Ethnic Nose

So many ethnic rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients seek consultation stating that they want their nose refined but don't want it to look real different. I think this is the essence of doing good rhinoplasty when you can provide the patient a refinement without looking like you did. This patient from San Diego was seeking a rhinoplasty specialist to reshape her nose. However, she did not wish to have an entirely new look. There were... Continue Reading
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Cosmetic Reshaping of the Crooked Ethnic Nose

Wanted to post a quick blog entry on cosmetic reshaping of the crooked ethnic nose. Correcting a crooked nose deformity is arguably one of the most difficult and challenging types of cosmetic rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, procedures. This young rhinoplasty patient from San Diego presented to my office with a notable crooked nose. As you can see, her nose alignment is shifted to her right side. Like her, most rhinoplasty patients are bothered by the... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Correction – Crooked Nose Deformity

Just saw this very nice young lady back in the office today following a closed rhinoplasty procedure. She is good example of correction of a crooked nose deformity using rhinoplasty technique. She was most unhappy with the frontal appearance of her nose. As you can see in her preoperative photo below left, she has an obvious crooked nose deformity. We performed a closed rhinoplasty procedure on her to reshape the nose. The rhinoplasty procedure included... Continue Reading
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Nasal Base Reduction in Ethnic Rhinoplasty

My practice happens to see quite a variety of ethnic rhinoplasty patients on a regular basis. I would say that the two most common issues I see in ethnic rhinoplasty patients are insufficient bridge height and excessively wide nostrils. These particular case example of ethnic rhinoplasty highlights the latter issue - an excessively wide nasal base in an African American female patient seeking rhinoplasty. In this particular case, this patient required nasal base reduction as... Continue Reading
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San Diego Ethnic Rhinoplasty Case Study

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a particularly specialized form of nasal reshaping that takes into account the fact that different ethnicities demand different approaches when it comes to cosmetic nose surgery. Unfortunately, there are still many rhinoplasty surgeons practicing out there who simply perform the same type of rhinoplasty procedure whether they are treating an ethnic patient or not. In many of these cases, patients are left unhappy because their new nose is inconsistent and out of... Continue Reading
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Three Weeks Post Rhinoplasty – Nose Looks Wider Than Previously

"I had a rhinoplasty procedure nearly 3 weeks ago and now my nose looks wider than it did preoperatively. Is this normal or should I be worried?" This question or a variation of this question is often asked on online rhinoplasty forums. The reality is that many rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients can appear wider at 3 weeks out than they did before surgery. This can be especially noted if grafting was performed as part... Continue Reading
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Can You Alter The Nose Height & Length At The Same Time?

This is a question I have seen on some online rhinoplasty forums and decided to answer with a patient example. This patient was recently seen in follow-up evaluation in our office and was thought to be a good case example of altering nasal height and length at the same time. His main complaint on presentation was the convexity, or bump, as seen best on his profile view. In addition, he had ptosis, or drooping, of... Continue Reading
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Male, Ethnic Revision Open Rhinoplasty Case Example

This patient was recently seen in the office for follow-up evaluation after a revision open rhinoplasty procedure that I performed. I thought he was a good case example to discuss some of the nuances of bridge and tip reshaping in a male, ethnic revision rhinoplasty patient. This patient was originally operated on in the military several years ago where he had his tip and bridge reshaped. Unfortunately, he developed postoperative loss of his tip projection.... Continue Reading
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Imaging Example In Ethnic Rhinoplasty

With as many questions as I get regarding rhinoplasty and computer imaging, I felt compelled to leave a quick post using an ethnic rhinoplasty patient of mine as an example. This particular patient consulted with us desiring reshaping of her nose for a dorsal bump, a depression in her supratip and ptosis (drooping) of her nasal tip. As can be seen from the attached photos, she is an ethnic rhinoplasty patient. Therefore, surgical planning in... Continue Reading
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Alar Base Reduction Following Rhinoplasty

Many patients online have inquired about whether or not they can undergo alar base reduction (narrowing) following rhinoplasty. The answer is - yes. In many cases of rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, patients can benefit from having the base of the nose narrowed at the same time other areas of the nose are being reshaped. There are cases, however, when narrowing the alar base is considered a borderline decision. In these types of rhinoplasty and revision... Continue Reading

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