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Asian Rhinoplasty

Abnormal Smile After Rhinoplasty?

One concern I hear quite often from my rhinoplasty patients relates to smiling during the early recovery process. It is quite normal for many rhinoplasty patients to experience a 'stiff upper lip' in the early weeks to months of recovery. This is especially true if I have done a lot of work near the columella region of the nose. The swelling that can develop in this area often times leads to the feeling of having... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Incision Cleaning

We now have an instructional rhinoplasty video up on the website that goes into visual detail on how to properly clean your rhinoplasty incision. This should be helpful for anyone out there having an open rhinoplasty approach. You will find the video link on our ever-growing Rhinoplasty Tutorial page. I hope you find it useful. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank our patient for offering her modeling services!
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Asian Rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA

Dr. Hilinski, San Diego rhinoplasty specialist, is pleased to announce the release of his new online rhinoplasty tutorial chapter - Asian Rhinoplasty. This latest rhinoplasty discussion focuses on Asian rhinoplasty surgery - a niche cosmetic procedure in the Asian population. Dr. Hilinski discusses the nuances of evaluating the Asian rhinoplasty patient and how cosmetic nose reshaping in Asian patients is much different than performing Caucasian rhinoplasty. To learn more about this particular rhinoplasty topic, please... Continue Reading
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Pinched Nasal Tip in Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty

The Hilinski Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery in San Diego, CA, is happy to announce the most recent addition to our San Diego Rhinoplasty Tutorial - the Pinched Nasal Tip. Management of the pinched nasal tip is one of the more challenging dilemmas in the world of rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery. Obtaining successful outcomes requires a thorough understanding of the anatomical problem and a well strategized surgical plan. To learn more about this updated... Continue Reading
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Smiling After Rhinoplasty/Nose Reshaping

We at the Hilinski Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery are quite proud of the fact that our San Diego nosejob patients love their rhinoplasty results. However, there is always the issue of whether or not patients should be smiling after a rhinoplasty procedure. I like to tell my rhinoplasty patients that they should refrain from smiling after their nosejob for at least 6-8 weeks. Instead, I suggest they try what I like to call a... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Before & After Gallery

San Diego rhinoplasty specialist and California revision rhinoplasty expert, Dr. John Hilinski, is proud to report that he now has one of if not the largest rhinoplasty photo galleries in all of San Diego. In fact, Dr. Hilinski likely has one of the largest galleries of rhinoplasty photos in all of Southern California. As a San Diego double board certified facial plastic surgeon, he has a specialty focus in rhinoplasty surgery - arguably the most... Continue Reading
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Spreader Grafting in Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty

San Diego nose specialist and California rhinoplasty expert, Dr. John Hilinski, has just added a new online chapter to the rhinoplasty tutorial guide. This latest rhinoplasty discussion focuses on use of spreader grafts in nose reshaping and correction of nasal obstruction. Spreader grafts are a specific surgical maneuver performed during nasal reshaping and typically only done by specialists in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. To learn more about spreader grafts in nose surgery, click here to... Continue Reading
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Removing Tape After Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty

Many rhinoplasty patients out there are instructed to tape their nose on a regular basis to help the nasal skin shrink wrap down to the new shape of the nose. If you haven't done so yet, please take a look at our online rhinoplasty tutorial on taping the nose following rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. One helpful hint that I wanted to point out with regard to taping the nose has to do with removal of... Continue Reading
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Myths About Pain Following Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty

I just saw of one my many San Diego nose job (rhinoplasty) patients in the office today to take off her cast following nose reshaping 5 days ago. She was doing quite well with minimal bruising and very little swelling despite a full reshaping of the nose. She was pleasantly surprised how little of a recovery was involved with her rhinoplasty procedure. In addition, she was quite happy that her pain levels following the nose... Continue Reading
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New Rhinoplasty Tutorial Chapter On Steroid Injections In Nose Surgery

San Diego rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. John Hilinski, has just completed another chapter for his online rhinoplasty tutorial that helps current and prospective nasal reshaping patients better understand the entire process of nose surgery. This latest rhinoplasty chapter focuses on the use of nasal steroid injections in management of the nose surgery patient. To learn more about this rhinoplasty topic, click here to learn about our nasal reshaping tutorial on steroid injections for rhinoplasty patients.
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Accepting Nostril Asymmetry Following Rhinoplasty

One rhinoplasty topic that I see commonly discussed online is the issue of persistent nostril asymmetry following rhinoplasty. I think this is a topic that deserves some mention and clarification. Many rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients note some degree of nostril asymmetry following their nasal reshaping procedure. This is certainly more the rule than the exception. The real question is whether or not the persistent nostril asymmetry noted is easily visible on frontal view of... Continue Reading
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Not The ‘Occasional’ Rhinoplasty Surgeon

One of the main reasons why we do so many rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgeries is the fact that my practice has extensive experience when it comes to cosmetic reshaping of the nose. In fact, a large part of my San Diego Facial Plastic Surgery practice is dedicated to rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Facial plastic surgeons who are rhinoplasty specialists are vastly different from what my colleague, Dr. Steven Dayan in Chicago, refers to as... Continue Reading

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