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Lip Enhancement

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Lip Injections San Diego

Want to see why so many patients from San Diego, La Jolla and Coronado come to Dr. Hilinski and his medical spa team for lip injections? Here is just one example showing a patient looking to get lip filler injection. This young lady came to our office complaining that she didn't have much of a lip. More specifically, she was looking to get some plumping of the upper lip, which she felt was simply too... Continue Reading

Lip Lift Cupid’s Bow

We wanted to update you San Diego upper lip lift fans by showing this patient who recently came in for her follow-up visit with Dr. Hilinski. She sought out an expert to help her shorten an elongated upper lip while also giving her better pink lip contour and shape. Like so many other patients, she was unhappy with how her upper lip appeared too long. In addition, she desired to have a more defined cupid's... Continue Reading
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Bigger Lips With Filler

Some people wonder how much filler do we typically place in somone's lips? The answer is - usually 1 syringe of Restylane or Juvederm - or less. However, there are definitely patients out there who desire more volume than that to give them even fuller, plumper lips. Most of these Restylane and Juvederm filler patients tend to be on the younger side. This is a great example of what it looks like when lips are... Continue Reading

Juvederm Lip Filler Treatment

Example of lip augmentation using Juvederm to give this young lady fuller, plumper, more shapely lips. A key to performing lip enhancement with injectable fillers like this is to always try and maintain a natural look. Contact our office today for a personalized consultation with Dr. Hilinski to see what filler (Juvederm, Restylane, the new Vollure) may be your best option to have more beautiful lips.

Juvederm Lip Plumping

This patient had Juvederm lip filler to create a plumper, smoother lip contour. Like many younger patients her age, she started off with reasonable lip shape and volume. But she wanted to have even fuller lips. Juvederm is an excellent option that I use on a very regular basis to achieve results like those shown here - where the lips appear enhanced, yet they do not look excessively puffy. This is the essence of doing... Continue Reading

Beautiful Lip Implant Results

Lip implant surgery is one of the few methods available to us facial plastic surgeons when it comes to providing permanent lip augmentation for our patients. This young lady from San Diego was simply tired of getting repeat Juvederm lip injections over the past several years. She researched her options and discovered that I was a local expert in performing permanent lip augmentation using lip implants. After consulting with me, she opted to go with... Continue Reading

Revision Upper Lip Lift

This is a very pleasant middle-aged female from out of state who consulted with me to have a revision upper lip lift procedure. She had prior upper lip lifting by another plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, her lip elongated and she needed to have a revision procedure. I performed shortening of her upper lip length using a subnasale upper lip lift technique. The end result is shown here. As you can see, her upper lip is now... Continue Reading

Permanent Lower Lip Enhancement

Want an alternative to injectable fillers for lower lip plumping? Dr. Hilinski offers the lower lip mucosal advancement procedure to create fuller, plumper lower lips using your own body's tissue. Learn more about this highly specialized permanent lower lip enhancement technique by visiting our website today!

Bullhorn Upper Lip Lift

This is another example of how surgery can help enhance the appearance of an elongated upper lip - a cosmetic concern that is more common than you would imagine. Shortening the upper lip using a bullhorn incision upper lip lift technique is gaining in popularity and has become one of the more regular procedures I perform. Take a look at this patient's upper lip region and see how an upper lip lift has provider her... Continue Reading

Permanent Lip Enhancement

Many patients currently getting Restylane or Juvederm lip injections to provide enhanced lip volume often times ask about a more permanent option. One of the best options for permanent fuller, plumper lips is the Surgisil Permalip lip implant procedure. I happen to perform this surgery on a regular basis for those patients seeking a more permanent alternative for enhanced lip shape and size. Learn more about this procedure by clicking here. Let us know what... Continue Reading

Subnasale Upper Lip Shortening

Just finished another subnasale upper lip lift surgery today on a very charming young lady who flew out from South Carolina to have me operate on her. Her surgery went beautifully - giving her a nice enhanced upper lip appearance by providing much better proportion and balance.
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Cosmetic Surgery to Shorten the Lip?

Yes - there is actually a cosmetic surgical procedure to shorten the upper lip. The procedure is called a subnasale (under the nose) upper lip lift surgery. This highly specialized surgery is intended to shorten one's upper lip in cases where it appears too long. This most recent addition to our San Diego facial plastic surgery website discusses the nuances of this procedure in detail - focusing on one of my recent upper lip lift... Continue Reading
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Upper Lip Lift – Cosmetic Lip Shortening Surgery

I just finished doing another subnasale upper lip lift procedure here in the office this morning. This latest patient to have this type of cosmetic upper lip surgery was a very pleasant young lady who flew out from New York to have me perform the procedure. Like most upper lip lift surgery candidates, her main concern was an excessively elongated upper lip. After much online research, she decided to fly out to San Diego for... Continue Reading

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