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Beautiful Lip Implant Results

Lip31FrontalBeforeLip implant surgery is one of the few methods available to us facial plastic surgeons when it comes to providing permanent lip augmentation for our patients. This young lady from San Diego was simply tired of getting repeat Juvederm lip injections over the past several years. She researched her options and discovered that I was a local expert in performing permanent lip augmentation using lip implants. After consulting with me, she opted to go with the Surgisil PermaLip implants for both the upper and lower lips. The procedure took about an hour under local anesthesia. Here are her before and after photos showing what I happen to think are beautiful, natural looking results for her upper and lower lip. They now look more volumized and plump with improved overall shape. This includes with smiling and animation as can be seen here. And these results will not disappear like Juvederm injections will!

Before & After Surgisil Lip Implant



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