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Lip Injections San Diego

Want to see why so many patients from San Diego, La Jolla and Coronado come to Dr. Hilinski and his medical spa team for lip injections? Here is just one example showing a patient looking to get lip filler injection.

This young lady came to our office complaining that she didn’t have much of a lip. More specifically, she was looking to get some plumping of the upper lip, which she felt was simply too flat. This is actually one of the more common complaints that we see in patients seeking out lip filler – they just feel like their lips are deflated and need help with added volume and plumping. In many cases, these patients are looking to get lip enhancement so that they can more readily apply lipstick without having to constantly outline their ‘pink’ lip. The pink lip refers to the pink mucosal surface of the lip that sits below the vermillion border of the upper and above the vermillion of the lower. The vermillion border provides a nice outline to the lip, but it is this pink lip that really gives it volume and shape (or makes it appear deficient in both).

On examination, it was rather obvious that her upper lip was flatter than her lower lip. This is also a frequent observation amongst our many lip filler patients. If you look closely at this patient’s upper lip, you will notice that her ‘pink’ lip was especially thin off to the sides. The middle portion of her upper lip had a decent amount of volume below cupid’s bow. It was more the sides of the upper lip that were lacking in volume and shape. However, in a great majority of lip filler patients, you can’t just add more volume to the upper lip without making it look imbalanced. Keep in mind that the lower lip should always big more plump than the upper. In fact, so often I still see people walking around town that have the obvious stigmata of undergoing lip filler injection – and that is an overly plumped upper lip that is much larger than the lower lip. We have all seen this, right? This duck looking lip is a result of someone putting too much filler in the upper lip and not enough in the lower lip. This is precisely why you need to get your lip filler treatments performed by an expert in facial cosmetic surgery – like Dr. Hilinski and his medical staff team.

Lip Filler Treatment

So it was determined that this patient was an excellent candidate to undergo lip filler treatment with the goal of plumping her upper lip more than her lower. Jointly we decided to opt for Juvederm as the filler of choice for her. Could we have used Restylane to inject her lips? Absolutely. But both fillers are great options when it comes to lip enhancement, which is why our office offers both Juvederm and Restylane to all patients.

Below you can see the results she obtained from the lip filler treatment done by Dr. Hilinski. And these photos were taken literally within 1-2 minutes of her lip filler treatment. As you can see, she now has lips! In particular, her upper lip has been plumped out very nicely to give it the necessary volume and shape that she desired. The lower lip was also injected with the Juvederm, but just not as much as the upper lip. This was done, again, just to maintain the proper balance needed between the upper and lower lip.

If you look at her vermillion border (the junction between the pink and white lip), it also looks better. But this is not from direct filler injection. In fact, Dr. Hilinski did not inject any filler directly into the vermillion border of her lip. He did, however, carefully put some Juvederm filler immediately adjacent to this area in an attempt to truly reshape her lip. Being able to create a beautiful lip, as is shown here, is sort of like being able to sculpt – not everyone can do it successfully. If someone simply injects a lip with filler without regard to sculpting, the patient will end up with a lip that looks more like a sausage – just plumped out all the way across without any real shape. Obviously, this is not the goal when it comes to lip filler treatment. Rather, the aim is to create a more shapely, plumper lip that has the specific features and highlights of a beautiful, aesthetically ideal lip.

Why does it look like she has lipstick in the after photo? Because her lip is slightly inflamed from the lip filler treatment that was just done. The deeper pink color is just a reflection of a needle having been used to inject the lip. But what you don’t see is any bruising or lumping from the lip filler injection. That is because Dr. Hilinski and his expert medical spa team are incredibly careful and meticulous when it comes to performing filler injections in the lip. Although there is always this risk of bruising, it is only seen in a small minority of our patients getting the lips plumped out. And when it does occur, this usually resolves fairly quickly with ice compresses and arnica.

Lip Filler Injection Consult

If you live in San Diego, La Jolla, or Coronado and feel like your flat lips could use some plumping and volumizing, reach out to the best lip injection treatment practice in town for a complimentary consultation with one of our medical spa experts. You too can have beautiful, shapely lips with essentially no downtime.

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