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Revision Upper Lip Lift

LipLift24FrontalBAThis is a very pleasant middle-aged female from out of state who consulted with me to have a revision upper lip lift procedure. She had prior upper lip lifting by another plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, her lip elongated and she needed to have a revision procedure. I performed shortening of her upper lip length using a subnasale upper lip lift technique. The end result is shown here. As you can see, her upper lip is now in much better balance in terms of proportion. You can also see how her upper lip shape has been enhanced with improved definition. More specifically, you can appreciate how her vermillion border and philtral columns have a more feminine appearance. Furthermore, her scar is barely visible as you can see here. This is precisely why my office has become increasingly popular over the past several years in terms of performing more and more upper lip lift surgeries. Let us know what you think of her results!

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