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Lip Lift

Lip Lift Cupid’s Bow

We wanted to update you San Diego upper lip lift fans by showing this patient who recently came in for her follow-up visit with Dr. Hilinski. She sought out an expert to help her shorten an elongated upper lip while also giving her better pink lip contour and shape. Like so many other patients, she was unhappy with how her upper lip appeared too long. In addition, she desired to have a more defined cupid's... Continue Reading

Revision Upper Lip Lift

This is a very pleasant middle-aged female from out of state who consulted with me to have a revision upper lip lift procedure. She had prior upper lip lifting by another plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, her lip elongated and she needed to have a revision procedure. I performed shortening of her upper lip length using a subnasale upper lip lift technique. The end result is shown here. As you can see, her upper lip is now... Continue Reading

Permanent Lower Lip Enhancement

Want an alternative to injectable fillers for lower lip plumping? Dr. Hilinski offers the lower lip mucosal advancement procedure to create fuller, plumper lower lips using your own body's tissue. Learn more about this highly specialized permanent lower lip enhancement technique by visiting our website today!

Bullhorn Upper Lip Lift

This is another example of how surgery can help enhance the appearance of an elongated upper lip - a cosmetic concern that is more common than you would imagine. Shortening the upper lip using a bullhorn incision upper lip lift technique is gaining in popularity and has become one of the more regular procedures I perform. Take a look at this patient's upper lip region and see how an upper lip lift has provider her... Continue Reading

Subnasale Upper Lip Shortening

Just finished another subnasale upper lip lift surgery today on a very charming young lady who flew out from South Carolina to have me operate on her. Her surgery went beautifully - giving her a nice enhanced upper lip appearance by providing much better proportion and balance.

Upper Lip Lift Techniques For Best Results

In our last blog post, Dr. John Hilinski, our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, discussed balancing facial proportions with an upper lip lift. In this follow-up post, Dr. Hilinski will reveal his preferred upper lip lift technique and how injectable fillers can assist some patients in maximizing the benefits of the procedure. There are two main techniques plastic surgeons use for upper lip lift surgery: one technique utilizes an incision made just below the nose and... Continue Reading

Can An Upper Lip Lift Improve Your Facial Balance?

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon John Hilinski, MD explains how an upper lip lift can effectively help balance facial proportions.   Unfortunately, the overall appearance of the face can be dramatically impacted when just one area of the face looks unbalanced. Our upper lip lift patients are generally men and women looking to achieve more harmonious and balanced facial proportions. People with a disproportionately long, or elongated, upper lip are often good candidates for an upper... Continue Reading
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Cosmetic Surgery to Shorten the Lip?

Yes - there is actually a cosmetic surgical procedure to shorten the upper lip. The procedure is called a subnasale (under the nose) upper lip lift surgery. This highly specialized surgery is intended to shorten one's upper lip in cases where it appears too long. This most recent addition to our San Diego facial plastic surgery website discusses the nuances of this procedure in detail - focusing on one of my recent upper lip lift... Continue Reading
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Upper Lip Lift – Cosmetic Lip Shortening Surgery

I just finished doing another subnasale upper lip lift procedure here in the office this morning. This latest patient to have this type of cosmetic upper lip surgery was a very pleasant young lady who flew out from New York to have me perform the procedure. Like most upper lip lift surgery candidates, her main concern was an excessively elongated upper lip. After much online research, she decided to fly out to San Diego for... Continue Reading
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Subnasale Upper Lip Lift to Shorten An Elongated Upper Lip

This is another great example of how a subnasale upper lip lift can be used to treat an excessively long upper lip (elongated upper lip). This female from San Diego, CA came to me requesting a shorter upper lip. She simply did not like the fact that her upper lip was too long when seen from the various angles. If you look at her upper lip, you can appreciate the fact that it is, indeed,... Continue Reading

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