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Droopy Ptotic Nasal Tip

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Droopy Tip Raised Up

Here is a classic example of how a droopy, ptotic nasal tip can be lifted up to give a nice cosmetic improvement in the appearance of the nose. This female patient from San Diego desired to have better tip definition and position. Her main issue anatomically with the nose was the fact her nasal tip was droopy. If you look at her frontal view here, you will notice that she barely has any nostril show.... Continue Reading
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Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Tip Asymmetry

There are a lot of patients who undergo rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty surgery for functional reasons. Here is a great example of this operation, which can result in some nice passive changes to the appearance of the nose. This patient was having trouble breathing through his nose - largely due to the fact that his tip cartilages were markedly abnormal. When you looked closely, his tip was quite asymmetrical - meaning, it was very different side... Continue Reading
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Reshaping A Hanging Columella

This is a great case example of how rhinoplasty can help in reshaping a hanging columella. A hanging columella refers to an overly prominent columella - the column of tissue that sits between the two nostril openings. This ethnic, female patient from San Diego desired to have her heavy columella reshaped at the same time as her bridge was made straighter and her tip was defined. If you look at her preoperative photo, you can... Continue Reading
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Classic Hump/Bump Reduction

If there were ever a classic rhinoplasty case - it would be reduction of a dorsal hump/bump deformity. Many patients erroneously think that it is super simple to remove a bump off a nasal bridge. In reality, shaving a bump down is fairly easy in terms of the surgical technique. The real challenge is making that nose look good long-term without creating a number of other cosmetic issues once the bump has been removed.  This... Continue Reading
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Droopy Nasal Tip Correction

Correcting a droopy nasal tip is one of the most common maneuvers I perform in terms of cosmetic rhinoplasty. We have previously touched on this topic in another of our rhinoplasty tutorial discussions. But additional case examples, like this one here, help to further highlight this type of cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery. This patient from San Diego desired to have her nose reshaped to primarily address the droopy nasal tip. This is also referred to as a ptotic... Continue Reading

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