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Nasal Base

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Base Reduction Narrowing

Our San Diego office gets inquiries all the time from patients wanting to know whether or not they can have isolated nasal base reduction or narrowing. The answer is - yes. In some cases, patients can have only nasal base narrowing surgery, which is often times called a Weir reduction - or alar wedge excision. The key thing to watch out for is the nasal tip. If someone starts off with a nasal tip that... Continue Reading
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Not Your Usual Septoplasty

This is case that involves repair of a deviated septum - called a septoplasty - but not your usual septoplasty. Septoplasty Terminology Some patients actually call the procedure 'a deviated septum' - as in they "underwent 'a deviated septum' last week" - but this is not a correct use of the term. Septoplasty is the more accurate term for someone undergoing surgical repair of a deviated septum. Septal reconstruction is another term used to describe... Continue Reading

Bridge, Tip and Base Narrowing

This is a great case example of how an ethnic, female nose can be narrowed throughout - meaning the nasal bridge, tip and base - while maintaining a natural appearance. I saw this female patient for rhinoplasty consultation on several different occasions - mostly because we both wanted to be very open and in agreement with the intended goal in terms of cosmetic nose reshaping. One of the most important factors in her case -... Continue Reading
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Nasal Base Reduction

Nasal base reduction refers to a rhinoplasty maneuver that is intended to narrow the base of the nose in cases where it is excessively wide for the face. Nasal base reduction of some form or another is fairly common in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. It is done even more frequently when performing ethnic rhinoplasty, including work on Asian noses, African American noses, and Middle Eastern noses. These particular patient populations tend to have a slightly... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Transformation

In some cases of cosmetic rhinoplasty, the changes made to the shape of the nose can have a much more dramatic impact on the overall facial appearance. This is a great example of such a case. This young lady from San Diego consulted with me in the hopes of having cosmetic nose reshaping surgery. More specifically, she did not like the bump on the bridge and the wide appearance as seen from the frontal view. In... Continue Reading

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