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Renuvion J Plasma

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Neck Skin Tightening and Lifting

Here is a powerful example of how Renuvion's J Plasma can be used to tighten the neck while lifting the skin in a minimally invasive fashion. This patient from San Diego desired some sort of cosmetic treatment to help improve her neck lines. She was bothered by the wrinkles that had slowly formed over years contributing to a more aged appearance - although she still felt young. This is a very common sentiment expressed by... Continue Reading
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Neck Skin Tightening

By now you may have heard of a revolutionary new technology that has gained popularity in the cosmetic surgery world. It is called J Plasma by Renuvion. Here is quick case example of how J Plasma can be used to help tighten neck skin using a minimally invasive approach. This very pleasant lady from San Diego desired to have something done to help with her crepey neck skin. Like so many middle-aged women, she was... Continue Reading
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Tighter, Smoother Neck!

Look how much better this lady's neck looks after J Plasma Renuvion treatment! She was particularly bothered by how her neck skin was beginning to show too many wrinkles and coarse lines as a result of aging. In addition to the normal horizontal skin creases that we all have (even at a younger age), she had actual wrinkling of the skin. There were a variety of options she could have chosen, but she ultimately opted... Continue Reading
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Plasma Eyelid Lift

Traditionally, eyelid lifts were accomplished by surgical removal of the excess skin - commonly referred to as a blepharoplasty (pronounced bleff-r-o-plasty). I the past several years, plasma energy has been discovered to help rejuvenate the upper eyelid using a non-surgical technique that tightens the excess skin. Renuvion Eyelid Lift Here is a fantastic case example of a non-surgical blepharoplasty that utilized Renuvion's plasma energy device, called J Plasma, to rejuvenate the eyelid skin. This middle-aged... Continue Reading
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Renuvion J Plasma Neck Tightening

Here is a great video showing what typical patients look like 1 day after having Renuvion J Plasma skin tightening. This is the type of plasma treatment that is done subdermally - meaning from underneath the skin rather than on the surface of the skin. A few sutures were placed to help lift and tighten the platysma muscle - making this procedure more of a J Plazty face and neck lift. But make no mistake... Continue Reading
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Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation

See what Renuvion J Plasma skin rejuvenation can do for you. Here is an older, female patient from San Diego who desired to look more rested and youthful. Dr. Hilinski and her decided to proceed with this revolutionary helium gas skin rejuvenation treatment. Here are some close-up photos of her skin showing just how powerful J Plasma can be when it comes to turning back the clock. You can readily appreciate just how aged her... Continue Reading
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J Plasma Erases Smoker’s Lines

Here is a short video demonstrating how Dr. Hilinski - San Diego's first plastic surgeon offering J Plasma - used cool helium plasma energy to erase away deep 'smoker's lines' in this female patient. If you have deep wrinkles around the mouth that bother you, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hilinski to see if you are a candidate for this amazing, revolutionary procedure. Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation Video 

First Plastic Surgeon Offering J Plasma

Dr. Hilinski is proud to announce that he is the first plastic surgeon in San Diego to offer the Renuvion J Plasma cosmetic technology. J Plasma, as it is often referred to online, is a revolutionary plastic surgery technology that can help patients realize cosmetic results they never dreamed possible prior to the introduction of Renuvion. The main benefit of J Plasma is to help rejuvenate aged, wrinkled skin to a more youthful, glowing appearance.... Continue Reading

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