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Tighter, Smoother Neck!

Look how much better this lady’s neck looks after J Plasma Renuvion treatment! She was particularly bothered by how her neck skin was beginning to show too many wrinkles and coarse lines as a result of aging. In addition to the normal horizontal skin creases that we all have (even at a younger age), she had actual wrinkling of the skin.

There were a variety of options she could have chosen, but she ultimately opted for Renuvion J Plasma. Dr. Hilinski recommended she undergo J Plasma treatment because of what the revolutionary plasma energy can do underneath the neck skin to help tighten the deeper, fibrous skin attachments. As these fibers undergo shortening (or contraction) from exposure to the plasma, the overlying skin begins to tighten and shrink wrap. The end result is neck skin that looks (and feels) smoother and tighter.

The procedure was performed under only local anesthesia – where the patient remained awake the whole time. Very short incisions were made under the chin and behind the earlobe on each side. These small ‘ports’ were used to allow passage of the J Plasma device underneath the neck skin. This was done from the back of the jaw to the chin, then down the length of her neck. As the plasma energy was released, the fibrous attachments between the surface skin and the deeper neck structures began to contract. As J Plasma is performed, there is an immediate skin tightening that can be appreciated. But a lot of the change will occur once the procedure is done as collagen tightening develops over the next several months.

J Plasma Neck Results

The results of her J Plasma neck tightening can be seen here. If you pay close attention to her neck skin, you will easily see just how much improvement was made with Renuvion. Her neck skin now looks so much smoother and tighter! Although she still has those horizontal neck lines (which will always be there), you don’t see the coarse wrinkling she had prior to the J Plasma procedure. Simply stated, her neck skin just looks like it was cleaned up! And these marked improvements can be seen all the way across her neck skin.

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