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Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation

See what Renuvion J Plasma skin rejuvenation can do for you. Here is an older, female patient from San Diego who desired to look more rested and youthful. Dr. Hilinski and her decided to proceed with this revolutionary helium gas skin rejuvenation treatment. Here are some close-up photos of her skin showing just how powerful J Plasma can be when it comes to turning back the clock. You can readily appreciate just how aged her skin appeared prior to the Renuvion treatment. Following the procedure, her new skin is now much, much smoother with less wrinkle formation and better pigmentation throughout. Can you get similar results with a laser skin treatment? Not really. Although lasers can improve the appearance of your skin, typically you won’t see this type of change that happens even into the deeper tissues of the face. If you care interested in this revolutionary technique for facial enhancement, contact San Diego’s first plastic surgeon to offer J Plasma by Renuvion – Dr. John Hilinski.

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