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Asymmetric & Crooked Noses

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Complete Overhaul

Check out this amazing transformation for this young lady who came to Dr. Hilinski to have her nose completely overhauled. When Dr. Hilinski first examined her, one of the most immediate findings noted was her abnormally shaped nasal base. As you can see her nostrils were very asymmetric with her right side being nearly closed. This was primarily due to the fact that her nasal septum was very crooked and displaced - extending all the... Continue Reading
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Asymmetric Tip Collapse

This is a case example of a patient who desired to have her nose reshaped following two prior unsuccessful attempts performed by a different plastic surgeon. Her surgeries were performed over 10 years prior. Since then, her nose developed asymmetric collapse of the tip region - with more collapse seen on her right side. This was bothering her enough that she wanted to have the tip reshaped to be more symmetrical. In addition, she desired... Continue Reading
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Crooked Nose Surgery

This is a patient who was referred to my office for treatment of a crooked nose deformity. The term 'crooked nose deformity' refers to a nose that is poorly aligned when looking at it from the frontal view. Other terms commonly used to describe this type of nose include: a misaligned nose, a malaligned nose, a shifted nose, a displaced nose, a deviated nose, a twisted nose and a broken nose. In a great number... Continue Reading
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Rebuilding One Side of the Nose

This particular case example highlights what is possible when rebuilding one side of the nose to create more symmetry. This particular patient from San Diego, CA sought out the services of Dr. John Hilinski because of his known expertise in the field of cosmetic and functional nose reshaping surgery. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski following an injury to the side of her nose that resulted in significant collapse of the right side of her nose.... Continue Reading

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