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Plasma Pen

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Non-Surgical Cheek Face Lifting

Check out these improvements that resulted from plasma pen skin tightening performed by the medical spa staff of Dr. John Hilinski. This patient decided to undergo plasma pen treatment to help give her a boost in her facial appearance. She elected to have the eyelid region and lower cheek/face region treated to try and tighten some of the skin. Dr. Hilinski's medical spa registered nurse, Kellie Hartmann, performed the procedure using just topical numbing anesthesia... Continue Reading
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Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift

So can the plasma pen actually provide an upper eyelid lift result without making any surgical incisions? The answer is - it absolutely can! The proof - as they say - is in the pudding. This very pleasant lady came to our office inquiring about possible treatment for her excess upper eyelid skin. As you can see in this close-up photo, she had redundant skin folds across the upper eyelid region that gave the appearance... Continue Reading
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Get Rid of Smoker’s Lines

Are you seeking to get rid of unwanted smoker's lines around the mouth? Do vertical lip wrinkles detract from your appearance? Well you are not alone. Take, for instance, this patient from San Diego who had developed lip wrinkles over the years and wanted to have them smoothed out. In years past, patients like her who have somewhat darker skin pigmentation would not be considered great candidates for laser skin resurfacing. That is because the... Continue Reading
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Fibroblast Plasma for Perioral Lines

Here is another fabulous example of the power of the plasma pen. This patient was bothered by the wrinkles and lines around her mouth - essentially the upper and lower lip region. These are commonly referred to as smoker's lines by some people even when the patient doesn't have a history of smoking. The point is that these vertical lines (which can come about from repeated pursing of the lips) are aesthetically undesirable because they... Continue Reading
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Neck Skin Tightening

More and more you will be hearing about the amazing cosmetic improvements that patients are seeing from plasma pen treatment. This revolutionary medical spa procedure is also known as fibroblast skin tightening since the fibroblast cells within the skin are key to the success seen with this treatment. Here is a great case example of how the plasma pen was used to smooth out and tighten the neck skin in this female patient from San... Continue Reading
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Lip Flip

The latest rage is the plasma pen lip flip procedure as demonstrated here. Using revolutionary plasma technology, Dr. Hilinski and his medical spa staff can help you achieve more beautiful, plumper lips without having any injectable filler placed. This young lady here came to Dr. Hilinski's office in Banker's Hill desiring lip enhancement. More specifically she wanted her lips to appear fuller and more shapely - but didn't necessarily want a filler, such as Juvederm,... Continue Reading
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Goodbye Crow’s Feet!

Want to get rid of your crow's feet wrinkles? Do you have unwanted deep lines around the eyes? Why not consider the incredible plasma pen treatment offered by Dr. John Hilinski and his medical spa staff? The plasma pen utilizes specialized technology to treat skin wrinkles and creases to help smooth and tighten your skin without surgery. Plasma pen crow's feet smoothing is done in the office setting using only topical anesthesia. Yes. That is... Continue Reading
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Non-Surgical Eyelid & Brow Lift!

Take a look at what the revolutionary plasma pen treatment can do to open your eyes while giving you a combined upper eyelid and brow lift. This young lady from San Diego simply wanted to look more refreshed, but didn't want to consider surgical options such as blepharoplasty and forehead lifting. Instead, she opted to go with a revolutionary, new office-based procedure that is done with topical numbing cream - the plasma pen. This latest... Continue Reading
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Upper Eyelid Lift

Do you have sagging upper eyelid skin? Don't want a surgical eyelid lift? Maybe it's time to consider a non-surgical route using the plasma pen technique as offered by San Diego's best medical spa team headed by Dr. John Hilinski. The plasma pen uses a special type of energy to tighten loose skin in certain areas such as the upper eyelid. Take a look at how we perform non-surgical upper eyelid lifts without making any... Continue Reading

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