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Goodbye Crow’s Feet!

Want to get rid of your crow’s feet wrinkles? Do you have unwanted deep lines around the eyes? Why not consider the incredible plasma pen treatment offered by Dr. John Hilinski and his medical spa staff?

The plasma pen utilizes specialized technology to treat skin wrinkles and creases to help smooth and tighten your skin without surgery. Plasma pen crow’s feet smoothing is done in the office setting using only topical anesthesia. Yes. That is correct. There are no injections needed to have plasma pen treatment performed. We normally recommend patients apply a topical numbing cream about 45 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. By the time you get to the office and have your plasma pen treatment, there is very little discomfort.

Dr. Hilinski and/or his aesthetic nurse, Kellie, will then perform the non-invasive skin tightening procedure using their plasma pen. The treatment is done by area – so in this case Kellie targeted the crow’s feet to help reduce the coarse wrinkles and lines around the sides of the eyes. Although Botox and Dysport are still great options for treating dynamic wrinkles that form around the eyes, the plasma pen has been a game-changer to smooth out the wrinkles seen while at rest. In this particular instance, this patient was bothered by just that – the deeper wrinkles that outlined her lower eyelid and extended up to the outer part of her upper eyelid-brow.

The crow’s feet plasma pen treatment took about 20 minutes to complete. At the conclusion of the treatment her skin appeared slightly red with mild swelling of the tissue – which is completely normal. She had the usual brown and black dots consistent with the pattern of the plasma pen treatment. These began to fade away within 3-5 days – leaving her skin looking fairly presentable by that period of time.

The plasma energy helps to tighten key components within the skin layer, which includes stimulation of fibroblast cells that help to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This is why plasma crow’s feet treatment is also commonly referred to as fibroblast skin tightening by many offices.

Crow’s Feet Erased

And here she is nearly 2 months after 1 plasma pen treatment around the crow’s feet. Just a quick glance will tell you that her crow’s feet wrinkles have now been essentially erased! You can see for yourself that there has been a dramatic improvement in the creases and lines and no evidence that she had a procedure done. This is the magic of plasma pen technology. If you have crow’s feet lines and wrinkles that are bothering you, why not undergo this amazing office-based, cosmetic treatment today? Contact San Diego’s best office for plasma pen and fibroblast skin tightening.

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