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Get Rid of Smoker’s Lines

Are you seeking to get rid of unwanted smoker’s lines around the mouth? Do vertical lip wrinkles detract from your appearance? Well you are not alone. Take, for instance, this patient from San Diego who had developed lip wrinkles over the years and wanted to have them smoothed out.

In years past, patients like her who have somewhat darker skin pigmentation would not be considered great candidates for laser skin resurfacing. That is because the new skin has a higher risk of pigmenting in an abnormal manner.

So what other options are there for vertical lip wrinkles like this? Well, there is the other option of trying lip filler injections, such as Restylane and Juvederm. But these fillers are not great when it comes to filling the vertical lip lines also referred to as smoker’s lines. Even with meticulous injection technique outcomes can be unpredictable with undesirable lumpiness along the upper lip.

Because of the paucity of options for treating upper lip wrinkles, we welcomed the introduction of the plasma pen! Dr. Hilinski and his medical spa staff are one of the first cosmetic practices in San Diego offering plasma pen skin treatment. Plasma pen works by tightening the upper lip skin – specifically by targeting the skin in between the individual lip wrinkles. As the skin is tightened by delivery of plasma energy, the wrinkles begin to disappear and the skin becomes tighter and smoother. Like all areas of plasma pen treatment, the brown and black dots will be visible for several days before simply fading away. So downtime with upper lip plasma pen treatment is relatively short.

Lip Plasma Pen Results

Here are this patient’s before and after photos following just one session of plasma pen for her upper lip wrinkles. As you can easily appreciate, her upper lip vertical wrinkles have been markedly improved with use of the plasma pen. The upper lip now appears smoother and the skin looks tighter – features that are the hallmark of plasma pen treatment in general. And you can see there are no issues with skin pigmentation – lighter or darker – after the plasma pen treatment. Nor are there any issues with bumpy contour irregularities. Plus, the changes seen here should last for several years to come as collagen remodeling is at the root of plasma pen skin enhancement.

Lip Plasma Pen Consult

If you have unwanted vertical lip wrinkles, or smoker’s lines around the mouth, and you are looking to get the best possible cosmetic results, contact the office of Dr. John Hilinski today. Schedule your plasma pen upper lip smoothing procedure with San Diego’s best medical spa, R.N., Kellie Hartman.

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