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Lip Flip

The latest rage is the plasma pen lip flip procedure as demonstrated here. Using revolutionary plasma technology, Dr. Hilinski and his medical spa staff can help you achieve more beautiful, plumper lips without having any injectable filler placed.

This young lady here came to Dr. Hilinski’s office in Banker’s Hill desiring lip enhancement. More specifically she wanted her lips to appear fuller and more shapely – but didn’t necessarily want a filler, such as Juvederm, injected. She discovered there was a procedure called a lip flip that could help her out and opted to have it performed.

So how is the lip flip done? Using the plasma pen – or magic wand as it is commonly called in plastic surgery offices. The procedure can be completed using only topical numbing cream applied across the upper and lower lip region. The plasma pen is then used to tighten the skin above the upper lip and below the lower lip. In doing so, the skin above and below the lip is tightened. This results in the pink part of the lip (called the mucosal lip) flipping, or curling, outward. Visibly, this creates the appearance that the lip is fuller and plumper.

And the more plasma pen lip flip treatments you have done, the more of a result you will see in terms of improved pink show. Therefore, the lips will look even fuller with additional treatment sessions.

Lip Flip Photos

Don’t believe in the plasma pen lip flip? Just take a look at her results shown here. As you can appreciate, her upper and lower lip now have improved shape and contour. This includes a more defined cupid’s bow and vermillion border – some of the key characteristics of a beautiful lip. In addition, the amount of pink show that she now demonstrates is so much better. And the lips look less wrinkled with a smoother appearance. And all of this was achieved without a single injection of the lip!

San Diego Lip Flip Treatment

Do you want sexier, fuller lips without injection? Get the plasma pen lip flip done with San Diego’s #1 plasma technology office – headed by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski.

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