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Fibroblast Plasma for Perioral Lines

Here is another fabulous example of the power of the plasma pen.

This patient was bothered by the wrinkles and lines around her mouth – essentially the upper and lower lip region. These are commonly referred to as smoker’s lines by some people even when the patient doesn’t have a history of smoking. The point is that these vertical lines (which can come about from repeated pursing of the lips) are aesthetically undesirable because they can make this area look prematurely aged. These coarse wrinkles often times develop disproportionately in this ‘perioral’ region – meaning around the mouth and lips. Patients often come to the office thinking they need a filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm, to plump these wrinkles out. But fillers are not the ideal treatment for perioral and lip wrinkles.

Louise Walsh Plasma Pen

One of the latest and best options for these wrinkles is the powerful plasma pen. There are a wide range of so-called plasma pens being marketed and advertised online. But a good majority of them are not considered true medical-grade instruments for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Hilinski and his staff chose the Louise Walsh plasma pen, which is, indeed, considered the best plasma pen available to plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists. The pen is manufactured with the highest standards and has been proven to clinically superior to others when it comes to achieving the best cosmetic outcomes. After extensive research, Dr. Hilinski opted to use the Louise Walsh plasma pen as his instrument of choice.

Plasma Pen Lip Wrinkles

In this particular case, Dr. Hilinski and his registered nurse, Kellie Hartmann, recommended the plasma pen to help smooth out her lip and perioral wrinkles. The beauty of plasma pen treatment is that it can be done using just topical numbing cream. Yes – that means no needles! Patients are recommended to apply a nice layer of numbing cream to the treatment area about 1 hour prior to their scheduled appointment.

Once they come to the office, the skin is cleaned and the treatment begins. Patients will note some degree of heat as the plasma pen is carefully used to treat the skin. The plasma pen does not penetrate into the skin. Rather, it is passed over the surface of the skin. As this is done, the plasma energy is used to create somewhat of an arc between the tip of the pen and the skin. This plasma energy is what tightens the skin and stimulates collagenesis that will make the skin look even more youthful well after the treatment has been completed. As the skin tightens, the wrinkles are smoothed out.

Plasma Pen Results

Here are the results of this patient’s plasma pen treatment for unwanted lip wrinkle formation. As you can see, there is a marked cosmetic improvement noted! Her upper and lower lip wrinkles are now much smoother given how the skin was tightened around the mouth region. Even the coarser, deeper vertical lip lines have been nicely tightened. The overall effect is a much more youthful perioral region. And this type of cosmetic result from the plasma pen is noted after just one treatment session! Imagine what it will look like when she completes one more round with the magical plasma pen.


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