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Dorsal Hump

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Hump Reduction Without Breaking Bones

Every once in a while we get an online rhinoplasty inquiry regarding a dorsal hump and whether or not the bones have to be broken in the process of taking the bump down. So we decided to post a case example of exactly this. Here is a male rhinoplasty patient who consulted with Dr. Hilinski regarding a few cosmetic issues. One of the main issues he had was a dorsal hump, which can be readily... Continue Reading
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Scarless Rhinoplasty

Increasingly patients are seeing the term 'scarless rhinoplasty' used to describe a new method of performing cosmetic nose reshaping. The reality is that scarless rhinoplasty is nothing new at all. Scarless rhinoplasty is simply another way of describing a closed, or endonasal, rhinoplasty procedure. There are basically two different ways of performing a rhinoplasty surgery. One is referred to as an 'open' and the other as a 'closed' rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty just means that a... Continue Reading
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Classic Hump/Bump Reduction

If there were ever a classic rhinoplasty case - it would be reduction of a dorsal hump/bump deformity. Many patients erroneously think that it is super simple to remove a bump off a nasal bridge. In reality, shaving a bump down is fairly easy in terms of the surgical technique. The real challenge is making that nose look good long-term without creating a number of other cosmetic issues once the bump has been removed.  This... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Transformation

In some cases of cosmetic rhinoplasty, the changes made to the shape of the nose can have a much more dramatic impact on the overall facial appearance. This is a great example of such a case. This young lady from San Diego consulted with me in the hopes of having cosmetic nose reshaping surgery. More specifically, she did not like the bump on the bridge and the wide appearance as seen from the frontal view. In... Continue Reading
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Female Hump and Tip Refinement

This particular patient is a great example of how cosmetic rhinoplasty can be used to address a nasal bridge hump deformity in a female. This young lady from San Diego, CA consulted with our office complaining of a bump on the bridge of her nose as well as asymmetry when looking at her nose from the front. In addition, her nasal tip was more rounded than she desired. Overall, she was looking to make her... Continue Reading
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Dorsal Hump Deformity

A 'dorsal hump deformity' refers to an undesirable bump involving the bridge, or dorsum. This is best appreciated on the lateral view of the nose and appears as a convexity over the bridge (see photo example). In some cases, a dorsal hump deformity is barely noticeable on frontal view. Most patients present stating they often see the unwanted bump in photographs of themselves taken from an oblique, or partial side, angle. Esthetic Analysis and Goals... Continue Reading

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