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Female Rhinoplasty

Bridge, Tip and Base Narrowing

This is a great case example of how an ethnic, female nose can be narrowed throughout - meaning the nasal bridge, tip and base - while maintaining a natural appearance. I saw this female patient for rhinoplasty consultation on several different occasions - mostly because we both wanted to be very open and in agreement with the intended goal in terms of cosmetic nose reshaping. One of the most important factors in her case -... Continue Reading
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Teenage Tip Rhinoplasty

The patient presented here is an illustrative case of teenage rhinoplasty with specific focus on cosmetic nasal tip reshaping. She is a very pleasant young lady who consulted with me (along with her parents) to see if she was a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Her main complaint was that her tip region drooped down excessively. Teenage Rhinoplasty Before and After
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Teenage Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Over the past decade (and even more so in the last 5 years), my practice has seen a steady rise in the number of teenage patients seeking cosmetic nose job, or rhinoplasty, surgery. This observation is backed up by a number of recent studies that have confirmed the increasing number of teenage patients seeking cosmetic nose reshaping surgery. Such a trend is really not surprising, though, given the rapid growth of various social media platforms,... Continue Reading
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Droopy Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Droopy Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty This is a great case example of how rhinoplasty surgery can help to address a ptotic nasal tip. The term 'ptosis' means 'drooping' of the nasal tip region. These type of noses are also commonly referred to as drooping noses and hook noses. When you see a ptotic nasal tip, you really do notice it because one can easily appreciate how the tip of the nose appears to drop off from... Continue Reading

Persian Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Persian (Iranian) rhinoplasty is a very common type of Middle Eastern cosmetic nose surgery performed in my practice. In fact, I would say that Persian (Iranian) patients make up a significant portion of my ethnic rhinoplasty patient population. This should not really be surprising, however, since Iran is widely considered by many insiders to be the rhinoplasty capital of the world - making nose job surgery quite acceptable within the Persian culture. Presented here is an excellent example of cosmetic... Continue Reading
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African-American Nose Job

This is a great case example that illustrates many of the considerations involved in African-American rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery. Like many African-American rhinoplasty patients seeking nose job surgery, this young lady from San Diego found my office after researching rhinoplasty surgery online. She then schedule a consultation with my office to determine whether or not cosmetic nose surgery was an appropriate choice for her. African-American Rhinoplasty Presentation On presentation, her main desire was to have... Continue Reading
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Bulbous Wide Nasal Tip

This is another example of cosmetic nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, to correct a bulbous, wide nasal tip. This very pleasant young lady consulted with me to discuss options for her bulbous appearing nasal tip. Although she also desired to address a bump on her nasal bridge, the bulbous nasal tip was considered a priority for her. Bulbous Wide Nasal Tip Consult During her examination in the office, we discussed in detail the desired changes to... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Transformation

In some cases of cosmetic rhinoplasty, the changes made to the shape of the nose can have a much more dramatic impact on the overall facial appearance. This is a great example of such a case. This young lady from San Diego consulted with me in the hopes of having cosmetic nose reshaping surgery. More specifically, she did not like the bump on the bridge and the wide appearance as seen from the frontal view. In... Continue Reading

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Case

This is a great example of cosmetic nose surgery in an ethnic Hispanic rhinoplasty patient. This young lady came to my office desiring reshaping of her nose. Having a practice based relatively near the border of Mexico, I happen to see a large number of ethnic rhinoplasty patients who have Hispanic roots. Consequently, Hispanic cosmetic nose surgery has become a significant part of my ethnic rhinoplasty practice over the years. In this particular Hispanic rhinoplasty... Continue Reading
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Finesse Female Ethnic Rhinoplasty

One of my favorite operations to perform is ethnic rhinoplasty. I love this procedure because it requires so much preoperative consideration as well as technical execution in the operating room. I thought this was a particularly notable case example of a young, ethnic female rhinoplasty patient who desired reshaping of her nose. Specifically, she desired to have a more narrow bridge contour in addition to lifting and refining the nasal tip region. All the while,... Continue Reading
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Finesse Female Rhinoplasty

This is one of my favorite rhinoplasty patient examples because it truly reflects the essence of performing cosmetic nose surgery. This is a female patient from outside of San Diego who consulted with me to address some issues about her nose that were bothering her. As I discussed with her during our initial rhinoplasty consultation, she happens to have a very attractive face - largely due to beautiful, overall facial symmetry that is not commonly... Continue Reading
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Female Hump and Tip Refinement

This particular patient is a great example of how cosmetic rhinoplasty can be used to address a nasal bridge hump deformity in a female. This young lady from San Diego, CA consulted with our office complaining of a bump on the bridge of her nose as well as asymmetry when looking at her nose from the front. In addition, her nasal tip was more rounded than she desired. Overall, she was looking to make her... Continue Reading

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