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Nasal Tip

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Truncated Short Nasal Tip

Here is a great example of how Dr. Hilinski can make you a new nasal tip. This female patient underwent prior rhinoplasty in Iran and was left with a nasal tip that was truncated. When we describe a tip as being truncated what we are referring to as shortening of the end of the nose. If you look at her profile view, you can appreciate how the tip of her nose appears cut off. This... Continue Reading
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Droopy Tip Raised Up

Here is a classic example of how a droopy, ptotic nasal tip can be lifted up to give a nice cosmetic improvement in the appearance of the nose. This female patient from San Diego desired to have better tip definition and position. Her main issue anatomically with the nose was the fact her nasal tip was droopy. If you look at her frontal view here, you will notice that she barely has any nostril show.... Continue Reading
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Not Your Usual Septoplasty

This is case that involves repair of a deviated septum - called a septoplasty - but not your usual septoplasty. Septoplasty Terminology Some patients actually call the procedure 'a deviated septum' - as in they "underwent 'a deviated septum' last week" - but this is not a correct use of the term. Septoplasty is the more accurate term for someone undergoing surgical repair of a deviated septum. Septal reconstruction is another term used to describe... Continue Reading
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Male Rhinoplasty San Diego

This is a great example of male, ethnic rhinoplasty performed by San Diego's leading nose job surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski. This patient consulted with Dr. Hilinski with the hopes of making his nose more defined overall. He particularly disliked the fact his nasal tip was quite bulbous and ill-defined. He also did not like the curvature along the nasal bridge and the fact his nasal tip drooped down a bit. Yet - like so many... Continue Reading
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Widening the Tip

This is a somewhat rare type of rhinoplasty that involves making the nasal tip a bit wider. This young lady consulted with Dr. Hilinski after she was referred to him by another surgeon in the San Diego area. One thing that immediately jumped out at Dr. Hilinski was the fact her nasal tip appeared to skinny, or pointed, for her face. This appearance was also confirmed on her lateral view where you can see how... Continue Reading
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Chin Implant with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty and chin implant are often times recommended to be done together in order to help give someone even better overall facial harmony and balance. This is a great case example of this concept where a nose job was done at the same time as chin augmentation with an implant. When looking at his preoperative frontal photo you can see how the tip of his nose was quite wide in comparison to the rest of... Continue Reading
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Teenage Rhinoplasty San Diego

This is a great example of teenage rhinoplasty in this young, ethnic female patient who desired a nose that looked smaller and more defined overall. Her nose was rather broad as seen from the frontal view. On her oblique and side views, you can see how the bridge height was a bit excessive with poor shape. In addition, you can see how her nasal tip was a bit ptotic - also called a droopy nasal... Continue Reading
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Reshaping A Hanging Columella

This is a great case example of how rhinoplasty can help in reshaping a hanging columella. A hanging columella refers to an overly prominent columella - the column of tissue that sits between the two nostril openings. This ethnic, female patient from San Diego desired to have her heavy columella reshaped at the same time as her bridge was made straighter and her tip was defined. If you look at her preoperative photo, you can... Continue Reading
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Classic Hump/Bump Reduction

If there were ever a classic rhinoplasty case - it would be reduction of a dorsal hump/bump deformity. Many patients erroneously think that it is super simple to remove a bump off a nasal bridge. In reality, shaving a bump down is fairly easy in terms of the surgical technique. The real challenge is making that nose look good long-term without creating a number of other cosmetic issues once the bump has been removed.  This... Continue Reading

Bridge, Tip and Base Narrowing

This is a great case example of how an ethnic, female nose can be narrowed throughout - meaning the nasal bridge, tip and base - while maintaining a natural appearance. I saw this female patient for rhinoplasty consultation on several different occasions - mostly because we both wanted to be very open and in agreement with the intended goal in terms of cosmetic nose reshaping. One of the most important factors in her case -... Continue Reading

Spirox Latera Implant

Dr. Hilinski now offers the Spirox Latera procedure to help with your chronic nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing through the nose. If you notice that pulling on the side of your nose helps your nasal function - or you benefit from using Breathe Right strips - you may be a good candidate to under the Spirox Latera minimally invasive procedure. What is Spirox Latera? The Spirox Latera is a nasal implant that is FDA approved... Continue Reading
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Teenage Tip Rhinoplasty

The patient presented here is an illustrative case of teenage rhinoplasty with specific focus on cosmetic nasal tip reshaping. She is a very pleasant young lady who consulted with me (along with her parents) to see if she was a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Her main complaint was that her tip region drooped down excessively. Teenage Rhinoplasty Before and After
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Droopy Nasal Tip Correction

Correcting a droopy nasal tip is one of the most common maneuvers I perform in terms of cosmetic rhinoplasty. We have previously touched on this topic in another of our rhinoplasty tutorial discussions. But additional case examples, like this one here, help to further highlight this type of cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery. This patient from San Diego desired to have her nose reshaped to primarily address the droopy nasal tip. This is also referred to as a ptotic... Continue Reading

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